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Nursing sports bra and/or athletic wear?

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Hi all,

So DH and I joined a gym today. The only other time in my life I was in a gym was.... never. lol. Does anyone have any good ideas as to where to get a nursing sports bra and/or nursing-accessible active wear?

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that's awesome that your getting some exercise!
i am still looking for a good solution for support because i'd love to start jogging again! what has worked some of the time for me is to nurse from both sides just before we leave the house (as much as she will take) and then wear TWO of my old sports bras at the same time. (i used to be a 34 B and now i am a 36 C/D so the older sports bras are size small and keep me strapped in pretty good if i'm milked well before i start.) it works really well for my yoga/pilates/hand weight routines i do at home but for running i'd prefer something with more elastic on the top of the cleavage to keep the bouncing to a minimum. but this will have to do until i find something else. hope this helps! i have seen nursing sports bras for sale on-line (the kind that unhooks from each strap for easy access) but i haven't tried them on. something to keep in mind: a very strenuous workout can cause lactic acid to build up in your milk and make it unpleasant tasting for your babe. try not to nurse immediately after a hard workout and stay hydrated!
- mary
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Thanks for the response. Since I haven't excercised consistently since I was about 10 or so, I'm definitely starting out very slowly with VERY light weight training and then walking for my cardio. So I guess the walking will be the highest-impact thing that I do at first. lol.

I didn't know that about the lactic acid. No wonder DD never complains about the flavor so far (i.e. no excercise since birth lol).
I have some night time nursing bras very similar to a sports bra. They are criss-crossed in the front and pull down for nursing. I got them at boscov's.
LLL has just introduced a line of nursing bras, and one of them is a sports bra.
If your a large breasted I'd nix the nursing bra and go for a Shock Absorber, it is the best sports bra I've ever used, great for jogging, absolutely no bounce.
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