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Nursing strike!!!

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I have a 1yo who has been a champ at BF. We have never had any problems. Today she came down with hand/foot/mouth and her little mouth is too sore to nurse I guess. She did not want to eat solids for a few hours (only managed to get some yogurt down her), but later on in the day she started eating solids like normal despite the mouth sores. However, she has refused to nurse all day. She cries when I offer it to her and she pushes my breasts. It is heartbreaking! I am scared that when it heals that she will still strike; and i'm not ready to wean. I miss the emotional bond already that I feel with nursing. Anyone with any advice?

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Mama....I am so sorry you and your baby are going through this. A friend of our recently had this illness and it was rough for them, but she made it through and returned to nursing full force a few days into it when her sores calmed down. Have you been pumping.....maybe you can offer your milk in a cup or with a straw while you are cuddling your baby.

Good luck!
That is comforting...I'm glad that your friend was able to return to nursing after a few days. I'll have to try offering with a straw while cuddling tomorrow. Maybe that will help my withdrawal a little bit! She is doing better than I am I think. I am pumping, but it just does not work as well as she does. It's so frustrating b/c I am a working mom, and I am off this week, hoping to get some good bonding time in. And this virus decides to interrupt my plans. I was hoping to throw the pump into a closet this week!

thanks for your reply. It really gives me encouragement that this will all be over in a few days!
Just to update. Strike was short-lived thankfully. Don't know what happened, but she started nursing again today. When she woke up, she was afraid to nurse again. I just walked around the house and sung to her to calm her down b/c she was upset about not nursing. I eventually went and sat down in her glider with her and she just latched on. Of course I was exposed the whole time I was walking around, "just in case" she got the urge. And she has been nursing all day! I am so relieved!
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