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nursing thru a growth spurt

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my dd will be 4 months old tomorrow. Yesterday, she started nursing a lot more than before. Her schedule has changed (she is not scheduled, she has a routine, I guess I should say.) Today, she has not napped for more than 20 min. the entire day. She does not seem to be sick, but she does not seem to be hungry either, just nursing to drive me bonkers I guess.
Could this be a growth spurt? Any advice>
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it could be a growth spurt. Just hang in there and be there for her.

Keep up the good work.
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My sweet pumpkin just turned 4 mnths old...He is also eating lots more...especially in the afternoon. I think it is somewhat of a growth spurt and somewhat of an getting older and more adapted to the world.
For a few days it was pretty tough...It sounds like you and your babe are in that time right now. It does pass...or it did for us. He is suddenly much more aware and does nurse more, but he is not quite as touchy as he was during that time period.
I even called the doctor because my son is usually pretty happy go lucky and he wasnt. The doctor was cool and talked with me and we decided to wait it out before bringing him in. Turns out everything is a-okay.
So anyways, sorry for all the rambling.
I think its cool we are kinda going through the same thing....Take CARe\
Wyatt(my babe) is a happy babe again
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