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Nursing to sleep

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Help! I'm losing my mind in a sea of statistics and shame! My 11-month-old daughter often still needs a bedtime nursing to fall asleep. My pediatrician has lectured me once. While I don't have any qualms about helping her to fall asleep, I wonder if nursing is the wrong device. How much should I worry about "bottlemouth" (boobymouth??)? Do any veteran mamas out there have firsthand info one way or the other? Thanks!
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I nurse the baby to sleep
The 3 hardest feedings to give up for my babes have all been to sleep for nap, to sleep for night and first thing in morning. (current babe is #4)

My children have all had fine teeth btw, in spite being bf on demand 24hr/day well into toddlerhood. Not a single cavity yet.

I remember our original ped telling me to stop nursing ds1 at 12mo b/c its the same thing she told her bottle-feeding mamas about getting babies off the bottle. I didn't like the bfg and bottlefeeding comparison re: weaning baby. So I kept nursing ds.

good luck!
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I brush Bleuet's scupulously before I bf him to sleep. He's two. So far, so good.

ETA: I was NAKing before and should add that if you search on night nursing and dental stuff, you'll find a LOT more information here. Maybe under a Health Forum Sticky? There used to be a Dental forum, but there isn't anymore. Anyway, that info convinced me to feel okay about night nursing. That and the fact that he might never sleep if I didn't nurse him into dreamland.
I nursed both of my sons until they were around 4, they co-slept, nursed to sleep, nursed in their sleep and they both have great teeth.
Isn't there an article in the current Mothering about this? How BF'ing is GOOD for Baby's teeth? Yup, pg 56. I admit i have not had time to read it but the headlines all point to a positive out come.

As far as nursing to sleep being a bad habit- phooey. Sure, you may have to commit to doing it for a longer time than if your sleep time routine was just a book and a song but what is your goal? Is it to wean earlier? If so, then maybe it is right for you. If your goal is to soothe her to sleep however she feels most soothed and you're okay with child led weaning, don't listen to your dr. Read Dr. Sears and Dr. Fleiss. Both excellent peds that support child led weaning, co sleeping and bf'ing babies to sleep.

And trust yourself!
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