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Nursing too often??

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I went to the WIC office today to finally return my breast pump. She asked how much my daughter was nursing and I said all the time! The woman seemed alarmed by the amount of breastmilk my daughter is taking in. I never thought it was an issue. She gets adequate amounts of healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. She also gets yogurt and cheese, but not milk, since we're still bfing. This woman seemed to think that she should only be nursing 3-4 times a day
: I don't see any problem with my 1 year old nursing on demand, which right now is a lot. often do most of you mamas nurse your 1+ year-old? I know it will differ, but I'm curious anyway
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In the second year, I really puzzled over this. I saw all the other CLW mamas I knew going down to only a few nurses a day and then DC stop before 2. Mine was nursing like a newborn!

I also began to question myself about whether or not I was relying too heavily on nursing at times when perhaps my DD needed something else from me. So I just kind of experimented with seeing if other things I offered her would satisfy her needs sometimes. Both of us were testing some boundaries and limits as she moved past the age when her needs and wants were the same.

The book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler was a huge help. In fact, I still return to it for some inspiration and perspective at least once a year!

Every child's needs are different. I found that for my child, knowing that the breast was always there and available allowed her a safe place from which to make all those explorations into the world. Everyone has always commented on how self assured and independent she is.

Listen to your child's cues, and remember that every child is different. Do what's right for you and your DC.
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Sounds like she was just expressing society's usual stereotypes about nursing, not expert opinions.

Your milk is still a valuable source of immune system protection, protein, healthy fats, calcium, vitamins, and love.

As for my dd she hadn't slowed down at that age yet, either.
It all depends if we're at home or out and about. If we're out doing things, he'll nurse maybe once or twice all day long until we get home. If we're at home all day, he'll nurse 20 times. I swear. But it's all good. WIC people like to make it like you're starving your baby if you're breastfeeding or if your kid isn't fat like a formula baby. I don't know why this is.
When the husband was laid off for awhile, we were on WIC. The nurses would say "oooo he's so skinny."
mother nurture...My advice to you is, when you hear things like that, to smile and nod and go on doing what your instincts are telling you is right
. It sounds like you and your child are doing just what you need to be doing! You could also ask them where they got their information from so that you can read their resources for yourself. (Odds are they don't have any sources and are just assuming...and uneducated about normal/natural breastfeeding relationships.)

I have an almost-3 year old and I couldn't imagine her nursing 3-4 times a day! She nurses 6+ times a day....sometimes 12 times a day. My almost-5 year old nurses about once a day. None of my nurslings have ever nursed 3-4 times a day before they reached at least 3 years old.

Most WIC employees, nurses, doctors, etc. aren't educated much (even in medical school) about the normal function of breasts, breastfeeding, etc. Some have little to no education on infant/toddler nutrition and even those that do don't usually learn about nursing during toddlerhood and get a very narrow view of what is acceptable.
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I hate it when people who have no training decide that babies nurse "too much" We're only at about 10 months, but yeah, dd probably nurses 12 times a day (and that's just DAY as she sleeps all night...)

this lady doesn't know WHAT she's talking about. Ignore her.

My 28 mo. old nurses more times than I can count each day. If I had to guess, I'd say 30ish, maybe 15-20 if we are out all day. More than most newborns (about the same amount as himself as a newborn). I've heard they start nursing less around 2.5-3, so we'll see... I can't really see that happening, but 8 mos. is a long time.
Mamas...You made my day!!!
It's so great to hear how your toddlers nurse regularly throughout the day. I definitely wasn't questioning anything about how we nurse. The WIC lady, definitely made me second guess myself. MIL said that at this point my dh was only nursing 2 times a day when he was younger. Thanks for reminding me to follow my daughter and my needs and not worry about others. Eventhough I know these things...some times I need that kick in the butt to wake up!!!
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Certainly nice to know you're not alone. My 18 m.o. is still nursing a bunch during the day, totally on demand, but I think a lot of it is, as a p[revious poster said, a way to get my attention so I have to stop and focus on DS. If you're toddler isn't drinking cow's milk, they need that fat/protein/etc from you
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My dd turned 2 in Jan and still bfs more then a newborn, honestly I have no clue how many times we nurse a day, but it is a lot. It is still such a need for her. one of the other posters is right when she says that most medical professionals have no clue about bfing, I am a RN by training, and my schooling on bfing was about 1-2 hours long! I learned more by reading WAB then in nursing school, awful isn't it? I still need kicks in the butt all the time, that's why I come here!
From what I've been hearing about WIC, they don't have very "naturally" educated workers. What I mean is that they are usually the type to believe in all the stuff the government wants us to believe...the food pyramid, vacs, circ, etc. So, if you believe you are doing the best thing for your child, keep it up. Don't take it to heart what some stranger thinks.
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