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Nursing wear in Hampton Roads

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Hello natural Hampton Roads Mama's! Where do you go around here for nursing apparel? I would like to go shopping either in Hampton or Norfolk, but anywhere around here would be fine. I grow weary of the same old same old "Motherhood Maternity" clothes. You seen one of Motherhood's shirts, you seen them all.

I saw some maternity stores in the yellow pages. Which ones actually have nursing apparell? For most stores, "maternity" simply means pregnant clothes, and doesn't include nursing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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i live in norfolk, i will admit i have not searched the area in a few years, the few items i did purchase at motherhood became mishapen after washing. i ordered a couple of basic shirts, and a few dresses from motherwear online and after 2 nurslings the items are still in great shape! felt the higher price was worth it because of the quality. i'm still nursing dd but we just do the good 'ole lift up the shirt! good luck!
I haven't found any place to actually shop. I love Motherwear catalogues, though. I think I'm going to order my nursing bathing suit from them. They are online at Good luck, and if you find any place around here with good nursing apparel, please share.
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I found "Cameo's bras and lingerie" in Norfolk. I called them and they said they carry nursing bras all the way up to a size L M cup size. I am on my way over there now. I will tell yall how it turns out.
I haven't found much in the way of actual nursing CLOTHING around here (I live in Norfolk and shop in Norfolk and Va Beach)... but I LOVE this site:

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I'm in Hampton but I haven't found anything good around here. I buy everything online. I've been selling off most of my nursing shirts b/c now I just use shade cap sleeve tees under everything. I got the tip on The top pulls down and keeps it's shape when you pull it back up. Makes any shirt a nursing shirt, love it!
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