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Nursing while pregnant question

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Does your milk change? Would it cause your baby to have extra poops?
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Eventually your milk supply will diminish to almost nothing. I cant imagine why it would cause more bm. I would think that was unrelated to bf.
How far along are you?

At around 10-12 weeks I noticed that my milk became very salty. I'm not sure when it changed, I only checked because I saw another mama on here mention it. Didn't slow down my DS any.

My supply did drop a bit, by around 20 weeks I couldn't express any drops. I've never been able to express much, though. There was still plenty left - at 20 weeks my DS came down with rotavirus and would do nothing but nurse. There was enough milk to keep him hydrated and by the end of the week his poop had reverted to exclusively breastfed baby poop.

Around 23 weeks my milk switched over to colostrum, much to the delight of my DS. He did seem to poop more after it came in, and I could definitely tell it had a laxative effect.
3.5 weeks, these last couple days he's been pooping 2-3 time a day rather than 2 times a week. Neither of our diet has changed at all and he's pretty much 90% breastfed
I am now 30 weeks pregnant and I have been completely dry for about 4 months now. It's weird nursing dry, kinda painful, but I did not notice a difference in DS poo. He is almost 2 though, if I did notice anything I would not have associated it with breastfeeding, probably with something he ate though.
22 weeks and I noticed a chance about a week ago. not more bm's but they are loose.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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