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Nursing while Pregnant - What to expect?

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Hello, I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I'm still nursing my 10 month old and I plan to tandem nurse as long as he doesn't wean before the babe is born, which I doubt, because he's a boob-aholic.

We went through a dry spell when I was about 6 weeks. It was really hard on me. My babe would cry all of the time and my supply was so low I had to start pumping in between feedings to increase my supply and used oatmeal cookies with fenugreek. It worked really great because within a week my supply was back in full force and has been since.

Anyway, now that I'm entering my second trimester I'm wondering what all to expect. Will my milk supply lessen, will the taste change and if so when can I expect these changes? Any other changes I can expect?

Thanks ladies.
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I'm surprised to hear that you were able to increase your supply with those methods, most pregnant moms are not able to increase since supply is hormone based in pregnancy. I'm not sure if you are still using fenugreek but it is generally not advised during pregnancy.

My milk supply stayed steady until a little after 20 weeks as I recall, then changed to colostrum. My ds nursed right through. The only negative for us was the loose stools that came with the colostrum. I also had nipple sensitivity on and off but I just limited nursing during those times. I'm currently tandem a 1 yo and my ds will be 3 in May!
It might have actually been another shift in hormones that helped your supply, as much as anything else - I, too, experienced a dip around 6 weeks that lasted a week or so, but I didn't do anything to help it go back up (my ds is over 2).

I've just started, at 14 weeks, to have some nipple sensitivity, and I think for me it's worse if I wait a long time in between nurses. Definitely manageable pain-wise, at least for me.

Don't let your babe twiddle - mine started at around 10 months, and I really regret it.

I'm still really early, so that's all the personal advice I have. I do know there's a book called Adventures in Tandem Nursing, that I'll probably get when I'm a bit further along.
From what I have read, if you get pg before your older child is one year, you will keep "the most" of your supply. Of course, with an infant "the most" may not be enough.

Each persons experience with nursing through pregnancy is so individual, I can't really tell you what to expect. Good luck, though!
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