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Nurtured Cub Baby Slings are comfortable, quality hand-crafted and economically priced. They feature lightweight metal rings, a pocket suitable for extra diapers, toys, wallets, etc. and are "lightly" padded along the pouch and backstrap to ensure extra comfort without bulkiness. Our baby sling carriers make a practical and thoughtful baby gift (eg. baby shower) and are a wonderful way to promote healthy parent-child attachment (attachment parenting) during the first years of life to contribute to an emotionally healthy human being. Buying a Nurtured Cub Baby Sling helps support a SAHM (stay at home mom).


Cost: about 40-50(us)

I wanted to introduce this sling to others. I personally have not used it as my baby is now almost out of her sling and I just couldn't justify getting one. But I saw 4 different baby's of different ages in them in one day and they are faboulous. They are padded in the back, not bulky and the padding stays where you want it. In the front there is more then enough room for all sized babies and different positions. The thing I liked the most was the pocket for your keys or tissue or pacifier, etc. The thing I hated the most from my sling, not having a place to put things.
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