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nut butter candy ball of some sort

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A while ago (probably last spring) someone gave me a recipe on here that I tried once, and liked, but can't find. It was for sort of a candy ball made with only a few ingredients. I think it was almond butter, and maybe coconut oil, and one other thing? Not sure if there was any sweetener in it. I'm trying to find a good way to get coconut oil in me (for the yeast killing properties) and thought that might be a good idea.

The other idea, if you've seen the recipe thread lately -- there was a recipe link for peanut butter cups and peppermint patties. I was thinking of using coconut oil and flaked coconut in the center for a "Mounds" type candy. That's my back up if no one knows the first recipe I'm thinking of.

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Did you mean to post this in the allergy forum?
Subbing just cause I want to torture myself.
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This is the recipe I use. Can't remember which site I copied it from.

Coconut "Treats"

½ cup almond butter or peanut butter
coconut oil (to taste)
raw honey (to taste)

Mix well with a wire whisk. Fill candy trays and freeze. These are a delicious and healthful alternative to candy!
I think that's the one. I used it before I realized that DD2 was intolerant to honey, so I'll have to figure out another sweetener.

I thought this was the forum where I originally found the recipe so that's where I posted it, since it was only a few ingredients (the fewer the ingredients, the less likely we'll be to be intolerant of it!).

Thank you.
I found the old thread on the Traditional Foods forum. One of the people going back and forth with me about it was FireFaery so I thought it was over here on the Allergies forum! Now I can go make them.
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