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I have some plants growing right now, strawberries and squash. My squash is doing well but I think it needs some nutrients. The newest leaves aren't as bright green as the older ones. So I am going to move it to a bigger pot this weekend but wanted to know what I can mix in with the new soil to help feed it. I only have a very few plants & no storage space so I cannot buy a big bag of something, it has to be something available in a small quantity. also, I have two squash plants one is a lot bigger than the other. Will I actually get squashes? I didn't think about pollinating when I bought the plants.

Also my strawberries - I put them in kind of late (late may), and a few of the plants already had flowers on them. I hoped they would survive the transplant but they didnt, and the flowers have now died. Did I lose my chance for strawberries? Should I pick off the dead flowers? How do I know for sure that it is dead?

So far I just have one berry on my five plants
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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