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Nutrition and Weaning?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes:

My dd is 2.75 and I am 14 weeks pregnant. She still nurses 2-3x a day but she's getting less and less interested and I think she might wean by the end of my pregnancy. My question is, does she need any other milk at this age? She still doesn't digest dairy or soy that well and I'm worried that if she's not getting breastmilk she'll be missing...something. Do I need to find a milk that she can digest like rice milk (which she hates) or goat's milk? Or can I just forget about milk altogether (which is what I would prefer to do, unless there is a good reason not to)?


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). Somehow our culture is just made to think that kids must have milk. The reasons why milk is pushed is because it's an easy and convenient source of calcium and vitamin d (and protein) ... all of which you can get from other sources.
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Here's one of my favorite links from KellyMom - there are a ton of other foods that offer the same nutritive advantages of milk without some of the less than stellar results of drinking dairy.

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