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nutrition really??? come on!!

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Hi ds 5 has enamel wear on every tooth on the gum line. and 5 baby teeth that need root canal because the decay has gone to his little root. I have an appointment for him on the 11th of dec. Now I am a single mom and we are currently still looking for a place to live. I have to pay 400.00 or let them pull 2 of his teeth. if they pull the 2 teeth then we will come in under what the subsity pays. I am thinking to myself about his eating and brushing habits. I have just started letting him drink cows milk. I don't like it or it doesn't like me. Dd has a milk sentivity so we have mostly done soy. but ds is drinking milk like no tomorrow. We have always eaten butter, never marg. and for the past year the children have been taking vitamins. ds takes extra omega3. my children love veggies.
What else would I have to do? I know for me I never had a cavity untill I was 19. I did drink a bottle of floride drops at the age of 2...... hummmm
I guess I am asking should I let them pull his 2 molars? or can I save them? And how expensive is it?( I hate to even ask that)
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Here is personal experience.
Flouride is a poison. It is bad enough putting it in the mouth through toothpaste, never mind injesting it.
Tooth decay began when processed foods were introduced.
Read here.

All of my enamal grew back when I switched to Raw Milk and High Vitamin Butter Oil ( I'm 33). Plus the large cavitiy in my molar is nearly gone.
This is in a matter of less than two months.
Milk sensitivity is usualy due to it being processed. Most people find their so called allergies disapear when they switch to Raw.

Butter oil from is $64 for 96 adult servings.
Spendy right now, but a TF diet along with the butter oil nearly eliminates dentist and dr. visits.
Sounds like you could use a few money saving things?
PM me, and I can help you locate a source for raw milk if you like.
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