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I am trying to find what is the Nutrient guidelines for nursing mother. Like how much fat, vitamins, minerals, protein ect.. we are suppose to be consuming a day.

I know it is kind of late for me to be asking this I guess. But I find that I am not eating enough. I just do not eat much especially when I have a lot to do.

Oh.. and if anybody know of a great mineral or any other supplement that can help me out, until I get eating enough let me know. I currently try to use Yeast Flakes, Rainbow Light Prenatals, and I have to go buy more cod liver oil.


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I'm interested in this, too.

I practically have to FORCE myself to eat because, I mean, who has time when you're nursing a 2 week old pretty much around the clock?

I barely get to go to the bathroom, let alone make nutritious snacks and meals.

Right now, I'm doing good to make sure I'm drinking enough water (which I am)...
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