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Does anyone know where I can how nutritional requirements for a 1 year old? I don't want recommended but a chart or something like Vitamin A, x mg; Vitamin C, x mg; Calcium, x mg....<br><br>
I have a daughter who is just about 13 months old. Due to low milk supply I had to stop bfing at 10 months. I WOH and got to the point where I couldn't even pump one ounce and feedings were completely pointless. She screamed and cried and pulled and hit and couldn't get food.<br><br>
My dd has sensitivities to milk. I can't do milk, cheeses, or yogurts. She spit up, got a rash, and had bad cramps with goats milk and I'm slowly trying out soy milk. But I'm not hopeful and not wanting to give her much.<br><br>
What I can't find is what nutritional requirements are for a 1 year old. I know I can give her fats, calcium and vitamins outside of milk but I can't find how much she needs.
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