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NW OH mommys???

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Just wondering how many moms are from the northwest ohio area??? We just moved up here from Indianapolis and well dont know that many people let alone mommys!!! lol
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Welcome to NW Ohio! There are quite a few of us here on the board.

There is a small group of mama's that get together occasionally (or attempt to!) in the Perrysburg area. We've met at the museum once or twice also.

Check out the following thread

Jump in and let us know where you are! We'd love to meet you
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Hi, I am in located inbetween Marysville and Bellfountaine! Welcome. Hope to see you post. I am new also.

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I am from Napoleon. My hubby works in Maumee though
Kamrynsmommy...I'm over here in Archbold!
My sister lives in Napoleon. I didn't know there was someone THAT close!
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I go to Lima once a month for Home and Garden Party.... that is my part time job away from my full time job of being a mommy!!! lol.... as if that will ever end or give me a break!!!
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If you're down this way and have any free time, LMK.
I'm in the Paudling county area. I've just decided that I want to homeschool.
I'm in McComb which is close to findlay...and desperately looking for some adult interaction. I'm looking for a group or just moms to hang out with. I'm a sahm and need some adult interaction. My daughter is 2 months today!
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