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Baby Looney Tunes navy blue tee. Size Small girls (6/6X) Light pink crew neck and sleeve rims. Has a little yellow bird on the front (baby tweety I guess?) and three pink jewley thinks and the words "It's All About Me."
I think it was $7.99 (price part of tag removed). $3 plus shipping

Cherokee brand Light Tan pleated skirt 3T. It has the shorts attached under. $7.99 tag. $3 plus shipping

Cherokee brand Pink "fake" (has inserts to look like pleats/give a slight flare, but doesn't have real pleats that fold in on themselves) pleated skirt 4/5. NO under shorts attached (not supposed to be, just want to be clear). Two cargo pockets on front (with buckles), two "regular" pockets on back. Tag says $9.99. $4 plus shipping

No offer is to small for me to at least consider it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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