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Ahhhhhh, I hate insurance companies!

This is my 3rd kiddo, 2nd hb. My second child was a planned unassisted homebirth and we are having a midwife this time around.

I was advised to switch to United Healthcare because they, supposingly, pay the highest amount for a homebirth ($4,500). Being that my birth is set to cost $16,000 (welcome to NY), we REALLY need this insurance coverage.

I was told that in order to receive approval for my homebirth, I would have to obtain authorization from a PCP. So I found a PCP, and obtained the authorization. The doctor provided them all of the information requested on their end, I did the same on my end.

So I received a letter from United Healthcare stating that they will not be paying for my homebirth and that I need to be working with an in-network provider. Due to the stupid laws in this country/state, of course there aren't any in-network providers for a homebirth, other than that, I like m y midwife! They want to send me to a crappy neighborhood with a midwife that is well known for ONLY hospital births and unnecessary interventions. No thank you.

So I filed an appeal and am waiting for the 30 day period to end so that I can receive their "determination". Has anyone ever been in this situation before? How did you handle it?
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