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A board I am on helped organize the NY nurse-in of the view.
Here is a write up from the NY times

Also here is a funny clip from last nights Jimmy Kimmel


As seen on Tuesday (07 June 2005) night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (also an ABC show), Barbara Walters clearly says "It made us uncomfortable" referring to a woman breastfeeding her infant on an airplane. This flies directly in the face of her statement and a phone call she made live to The View yesterday, where she claimed it was only the man sitting in the seat next to her who was uncomfortable, as she claims, many men are.

Barbara Walters and the other ladies on The View are in the middle of a larger debate now regarding attitudes towards breastfeeding and nursing in public because of recent statements they have made that have angered and hurt a lot of nursing mothers in the larger public.

In fact, so many mothers are upset by the general anti -breastfeeding atmosphere of The View that "Nurse-Ins" were staged all across the country on Monday. By far the largest, with between 200 and 300 mothers, the Nurse-In in NYC outside of ABC Headquarters triggered smaller Nurse-Ins that were staged in Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH, Louisville, KY, Tucson, AZ, and Redding, CA. The mothers were exercising the rights of their children to eat whenever and wherever they needed to.

Multiple requests by the mothers to have a representative on the show to participate in the debate have been refused.

See a clip of the Jimmy Kimmel show here:

or here:
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