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This is the latest incarnation of the thread about where and when everyone can meet in NYC. Latest overall idea was some weekday other than Friday, somewhere in Central Park. I've been thinking, could we make it a family dinner picnic so that it will be more open to both working and stay-at-home mamas? Or would that start cutting into baby bedtimes for some of us? If so, what about a weekend family picnic?
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I'm in. We're having a quiet, low key summer so we're up for anything. I vote for the plan that includes the most people (dd has an early bedtime so earlier is better for us).
I'm in too. Any of those times would be good for us, except Saturday morning up till 2:00. I know another AP family (with a 2 3/4 year old and a 5 1/2 year old) who really want to come and meet more AP families.
I live near Union Square and Madison Square Parks. Union Square has the great Farmer's Market, and Madison Square has a beautiful lawn and wonderful (but crowded) playground. My ds naps from 1-4, but I am able to meet anytime before that on any weekday (or even weekend, maybe...). I'll even try to get to Central Park! But if anyone wants to gather downtown, count me in! Thompkins Square Park is also really great, too.

Originally Posted by AdrianneWe
My ds naps from 1-4, but I am able to meet anytime before that on any weekday (or even weekend, maybe...).
Does this mean that after 4 would be bad for you?
Ok, I'm thinking Sat. and Sun. mornings would be bad for religious reasons, and then afternoons would be bad if we want to avoid naps (as AdrianneWe mentioned).

So, what about Sun. afternoon starting around 4:00, or a weekday evening starting around 6:00 (with food :))?
well, it's just really hard for me to make a weekday afternoon commitment bc I never really know when ds will wake up, and he is slow to get moving, and we have to walk the dog, and then we start getting dinner ready... but if it's near Union Square then it's more likely that I'd make a date between 4-7pm - don't mean to be selfish about the location, just trying to be realistic about afternoons.

So is a weekday morning out of the question now? I could do a late afternoon - early evening on any day of the week, but I couldn't guarentee what time we'd get there!

A weekday morning isn't out of the question, I was just thinking it might be cool to try to come up with a time that would work for both WOH and SAH/WAH families. The last NYC meeting thread I was involved in seemed to divide into working moms who couldn't make weekdays, and stay-at-home moms who couldn't make weekends (I think because they considered that family time, if I remember correctly). So I was suggesting finding a mutually possible time, and maybe making it a picnic (covers dinner) that could include the whole family (covers family time). Re: your not being able to guarantee when you'd get there, that's certainly ok with me. A range would be good anyway (i.e. starting at x pm, get there whenever you can up until y pm).

Which park in your neighborhood would you recommend? And would that be ok with everyone else?
So just to throw out a random suggestion (feel free to make your own!), how would everyone feel about this Mon., June 28, from say 5 pm to whenever you can make it say up to 8 pm (although those who need to leave earlier or want to stay later could do so), at a park around Union Square?
Thank you for making a date. Normally this would be ideal for us but we have an obligation this week. If you meet we'll see you next time. Thanks again.
Well I am actually in North Carolina right now until Tuesday evening!
I could meet Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning or afternoon or Sunday morning or afternoon... but I think this weekend is the holiday weekend? Do you want to plan on Thursday afternoon between 4-7pm? Well, also, Friday is the Greenmarket at Union Square. But Thurs might be better this week...

Union Square is great bc of the subway/bus service to it, and the greenmarket, and Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us, and the park has a lawn, three playgrounds, a dog run... one of the playgrounds is all sand with a swingset and one climbing gym. It is usually pretty calm and quiet compared to the chaos in the other two crowded playgrounds. We like that one the best, and like digging in the sand.

Thompkins Square is further southeast, but it has sprinklers in warmer weather. It can also get crowded and crazy - I don't much enjoy chasing my son around in there bc he is still not a "professional climber" so I can't just watch him play. That's why I really like the sandbox right now at Union Square - bc we can have a more relaxing time and he can still play and I get to actually talk to friends. It is on the west side of Union Square Park.

Why don't we meet there on Thursday afternoon - anytime after 4 until say 7? I don't know how well that accomodates working moms, tho. Maybe after the holiday weekend we can schedule something on a sat/sun, unless a bunch of you want to plan to meet sat/sun the 2nd/3rd of July?
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Great -- I'm open to either day (i.e. Thursday or the weekend, prob. Sun. if merpk is still in). Anyone else have a preference?

Re: times, it seems like earlier is better for everyone who's actually replied, so the 4 to 7 range sounds good. Personally, I would also be happy to stay later if there turns out to be anyone who can't make it until closer to 7.

AdrianneWe, would the Union Square park be a good place to bring food ?(Assuming we want to do that -- thoughts?)
well... (as far as food) it is a sand playground, the one I had in mind. I do bring snacks usually. I hope I'm not suggesting a lame place to meet... Sometimes the oval lawn is open in the center of the park, but I don't know when. If we do it on a weekend day maybe the Sheep Meadow or somewhere in Central Park is better - it would definately be a nicer place to go...
So... is it on Thursday or a weekend? Union Square or Central Park? I'm open to either, or other...
I will be in the sand playground on the west side of Union Square park with my ds and a tonka truck on Thursday afternoon between 4 and 6 or so pm!
scratch that... can't go to the playground today; I have to babysit for a friend who just had a new baby (I'm watching her toddler while she recovers from a csection in the hospital)

maybe we can all get together next week.
Hi. I was there at the playground in Union Square Thursday. Didn't get the follow-up email. Are people trying again? Central Park mkight be nicer...
I'm closer to Central Park. How about the Sheep Meadow; Thurs. 4 pm on--
I can do that. Where on the Sheep Meadow?
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