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NYC here we come!

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So, for anyone who may be following the saga of me moving my family to NYC, we will be in town this week and would love to meet some friendly faces. We'll be staying in Manhattan, but mostly checking out neighborhoods and apartments in Brooklyn.

Would anyone be up for coffee at Vox Pop, or someplace else in that general area? We'll be looking at a place in Kensington on Wednesday evening, and we want to head up to Inwood another day - maybe Thursday, or next Monday (the 25th). And we'll be at the MoCCA festival on Saturday and Sunday (it's at the Puck Building in SoHo). My dh, T. Motley, will have a table there.

PM me if you are a nice person and you want to meet up!
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We'll be out of town, but have fun. My DH is a huge comics fan and is really bummed to miss Mocca this year.
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We might be going to MOcca so maybe we will see you there! I will keep my eyes on the lookout for your hubby's table...

My name is Marie. If we go, I will be with the tall, goth guy wearing spikes with a baby strapped to his chest.
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So I didn't have a chance to check this thread once we got to NY, and then things have been so crazy that I forgot about it!

We'll be out there for good by Sept.1 - maybe I'll meet some of you then. We'll be staying in a refrigerator box; anyone have an alley they recommend?

Just kidding - we're going to find a FAB apartment!! Through the power of positive thinking !!! Yes!!!!
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