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I'm 13 weeks along and need to find an new OB, as things are just not working out with my current one.

I'd like to deliver at Roosevelt hospital in NYC - and I'm considering seeing the following people:

Katrina Bradley
Renuka Paka
Karen Playforth
Juanita Jenyons

I'm considered to be a high risk pregnancy with a clotting disorder, so I need to see an OB rather than a midwife. I'm looking for someone who is natural birth friendly and will explain things to me, rather than brush off my concerns.

If this is in the wrong place, sorry! I'm just getting a little bit desperate and having a hard time finding a recommendation for a care provider.

Thank you!

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CAn you get a midwife to co-manage you with a perinatologist? Franz Margono at St. Vincent's- peri who is a huge supporter of many of the homebirth midwives in NYC. He is brilliant and excellent at what he does. The midwives I know who work with him have serious respect for him. Also, his staff is really down to earth and nice. He (along with my midwife) helped me bring home a healthy ds2 despite my clotting disorder. Good luck! PM me if you want more info.
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