We found the coolest chalk t-shirts (yes, t-shirts!) at the New York Toy Fair.
One of our favorite things about meeting the people behind the toys at the New York Toy Fair is coming across awesome Mama-run companies! We loved meeting the folks at Chalk-of-the-Town, and think your kiddos will love their markable and erasable chalk t-shirts!

So you're looking for a cool gift for a birthday party? Look no more! We LOVE Chalk of the Town shirts and had so much fun learning about this cute brand at the New York Toy Fair!

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Two crafty mamas, Sondra and Wendy, realized there was a chalkboard trend happening in interior design, so they thought it would be an awesome idea to transfer that trend to kids' clothing. A chalkboard-like surface on shirts would be endless fun, and since Sondra and Wendy were mothers, they knew it was important that fun shirts were also durable, reusable and machine washable.

It took some research and product testing, but the payoff was worth it!

We love that these shirts inspire creativity and give children endless options when it comes to creating (and re-creating) unique designs and messages.

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Reasonably priced (beginning retail starts at $18.00 for youth sizes), your kiddo will definitely be the talk of the town as fellow peers 'ooh' and 'ahh' at how cool these shirts are!