Doll houses have come a long way since we were kids.

Walking through the colorful aisles of the NYC Toy Fair, one thing is clear: doll houses have come a long way since we were kids. And if you think they're just for girls, think again.

There is something about the simplicity of a doll house that brings out the imagination and creativity in children and adults alike. Void of electronic stimulation, doll houses evoke a sense of calm, allowing a child to explore the imaginary world in front of them.

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In addition to inspiring a healthy imagination, doll houses have been shown to enhance language development, improve fine motor skills, and build social skills. In fact, doll houses are often a staple in the offices of child therapists, as they help children to safely express feelings and ideas.

The benefits of doll house play apply to boys and girls alike, so it's a good thing that there are so many options available. No matter your child's interests, gender, or age, there is a doll house to match their style, as well as your budget.

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This year, we had the opportunity to explore the various new doll houses on the market at the 2018 NYC Toy Fair, and here are the 10 coolest ones that crossed our path:

1. IVI Playhouse Green

What could be cooler than a rug that doubles as a doll house? IVI 3D Play Carpets give a whole new meaning to floor play. The unique three dimensional quality provides various textures and designs for children's imaginations. If the Playhouse Green doesn't suit your style, you can choose from several other designs, including a Farm, a Mini Citi, or a Beach House. An added bonus: IVI rugs are hypo-allergenic, anti-static, stain resistant and made using non-toxic dyes and fabrics. IVI creatively reminds us that not all doll houses require walls!

2. Grand View Mansion Dollhouse With EZ Kraft Assembly™

KidKraft knows a thing or two about imaginative play. After all, they've been creating award-winning doll houses for nearly 50 years now. New to their collection this year is the Grand View Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™. This eight-room, four and a half foot tall, mansion is certain to provide endless hours of creative entertainment. Assembly time for this doll house is nearly cut in half due to the innovative bracket assembly technology. If the Grand View Mansion is not what you are looking for, KidKraft has dozens of other quality houses, such as the Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set or the Pirate's Cove Play Set.

3. Build & Imagine StoryWalls

Think Magna-Tiles meets doll house in this "Rising Star Toy Inventor of the Year." Build & Imagine's Story Walls combine the fun of a doll house with the hands-on creativity of a building toy. Children will never tire from this doll house, as it can be built and rebuilt in so many different ways. It's truly no wonder that Build & Imagine has won more than 30 awards in the last two years.

4. Lottie Stables

If you have not heard of Lottie, brace yourself. This amazing company's vision is to create dolls that empower children to be themselves. In fact, they enlist the help of children with the ideas and designs that become their dolls. Their newest toy release is perfect for the horse-lover in your family. Lottie Stables is a realistic version of a horse barn, complete with two stalls, a horse tack room, and wooden fences.

5. Hape's Grand City Station

Climb on board this newest addition to the Hape family of toys. The Grand City Station is perfect for your little train-enthusiast. This two-level station kit complete with train tracks is sure to excite. Children love the "high-tech" aspect of this classic toy. The voice recorder allows kids to make station announcements and the destination projector and light make this toy feel even more realistic. More, parents can feel good buying toys from Hape. As the largest producer of toys made from sustainable components, Hape uses natural, eco-friendly materials.

6. Wonderhood Pet Palace

What child doesn't want a pet? The Wonderhood Pet Palace is a perfect way for your kids to get their pet fix, without an actual animal! This STEM toy uses 12 double-sided, glossy plastic panels that clip together for easy assembly. Using their imagination, the panels can be arranged in a variety of ways. Children can spend hours visiting the Pet Daycare, the Grooming Center, or the Veterinarian's clinic. A women owned company, Wonderhood aims to inspire girls' creative and scientific sides!

7. Tree House Cottage

As one of the first US companies to offer toys made from reclaimed, recycled, and sustainably harvested wood, Tree Blocks cares about the environment. Their newest toy, the Tree House Cottage, is every child's dream: a natural playhouse fully equipped with slides, swings, and a functional crane that lowers a bucket. The open-house design allows 3-5 children to gather around the toy and play together. The tree house can be built and changed around, allowing for hours of imaginative play.

8. Schleich's Large Farm with Black Angus

If Old McDonald were to have a toy, this would be it! Founded in 1935, Schleich is one of Germany's oldest and most respected toy companies. The Large Farm with Black Angus is Schleich's newest addition. Complete with a detachable roof and movable fence, this toy is sure to provide hours of farming fun. Children can help move the hay with the wheelbarrow or use the massage brush with the cows and calves. Farming is hard work, but you wouldn't know it when watching kids play with this toy.

9. Indigo Jamm, Hascombe House

This is not one of Indigo Jamm's brand new products, but it deserves a mention. Made from a high quality Birch Plywood, this house is fully furnished. Its bathroom is even equipped with a toilet, sink, and bath, which means that the two wooden people who come with the home have everything they need to live happily on your child's shelf.