If you think that we attended the NYC Toy Fair for the kids alone, think again!

If you think that we attended the NYC Toy Fair for the kids alone, think again! The NYC Toy Fair features some fun toys for grown-ups who are still kids at heart.

Let's face it: This thing called life can be pretty serious sometimes. From paying bills to establishing a career to navigating relationships, "adulting" is not always as fun as we had hoped it would be. The good news is most of us still maintain that inner-child deep within.

According to new research conducted by retail analyst NPD Group, sales of toys to adults have increased by almost two thirds over the past five years. In fact, one in every 11 toys sold in the UK was bought by a grown-up for personal use. Adults everywhere are treating themselves in increasing amounts to puzzles, games, electronics, collectibles, and other toys.

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Knowing this, we sought out the best toys for adults at the 2018 NYC Toy Fair. Below are our favorites for all of the adult kids out there.

1. What do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is an adult party card game that is definitely made to play after the kids go to sleep. Designed for a larger group of friends who are from social media generation, What Do You Meme? will have you and your friends competing to play the funniest captions for the internet's most beloved memes. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round, if he or she can stop laughing long enough to do so.

What do You Meme will also be coming out with a Game of Thrones expansion pack. We can't wait!

2. Star Wars Golf Club Covers

Put down your light saber and let your inner geek shine on the golf course with these Star War Golf Club Covers. These conversation starters will double as protection for your golf club drivers. The force will certainly be with you as you shoot 18 with these friends by your side.

3. 4D Cityscape : Game of Thrones (540 pieces)

If the thought of doing a puzzle brings you back to images of your grandparents and a folding table, think again! 4D Cityscape has created multi-layer puzzles that are fun, challenging, and educational. A perfect gift for the Game of Thrones fan or for someone with a lot of patience and perseverance. If Game of Thrones is not your thing, you are sure to find something you like with The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, or National Geographic Series puzzles.

4. UBTECH - Cruzr

This new cloud-based intelligent humanoid service robot is a tech-lover's dream. Cruzr, the newest product of UBTECH Robotics, offers human-like interaction. With movable arms, voice recognition, and 98% accurate face recognition, this robot can greet friends and clients alike, even with a hug if they wish! With mapping technology and video conferencing tools, you may just be able to send Cruzr to work for you.

5. Guillow's Toy Planes

The Guillow model airplane company has been entertaining children and adults alike since 1926. With over 20 different flying toys and over 60 scale airplane construction kits, Guillow's has something for every aviation lover.

6. PowerUp 3.0

What if I were to tell you that one of our favorite finds at the 2018 Toy Fair was to be a paper airplane? PowerUp has found a way to use smart technology to motorize a traditional paper airplane. After using paper to create an airplane design, you can attach the PowerUp 3.0 propeller module to your paper creation. Then, utilizing a free-downloadable app, you can use bluetooth technology to control your plane directly from your smartphone!

7. High Roller

I have yet to find a parent who doesn't wish to take a spin on their kid's big wheel. Well, now you can have one of your very own! This top of the line adult-size big-wheel exclusively from High Roller USA is built to perform. Fully equipped with an adjustable padded seat, bell, and handle bar tassel, your kid just became the kid with the coolest parent on the block.

8. Top that Toast

Nothing says being an adult like giving a toast. Top That Toast is a witty card game that celebrates the beauty of human expression. The oldest player becomes the "Facilitoaster" and chooses a tone card that ranges from sincere, to tearjerker, to roast. Topic cards include ideas such as the craziest family member or favorite song. The fun combinations of cards allow for impromptu laughs, tears, and wisdom.

9. GHOSTBUSTERS™: Spengler Legacy Proton Pack

There's something strange in the neighborhood, and it's this new 1:1 scale replica GHOSTBUSTERS™: Spengler Legacy Proton Pack. With permission from Sony, ANOVOS created this fully assembled pack that includes details duplicated from GHOSTBUSTERS screen-used production assets and other sources. Ghostbuster fans will delight in this original collectors item!

10. Madd Cap Animal Puzzle

These gorgeous puzzles come in 550 pieces and are the perfect project for mom to unwind and relax. Since there are no corners, creators recommend you start with the eyes, but that's entirely up to you. When the puzzle is complete, you can attach it to a board and hang it up on the wall. These look beautiful hanging in the bedroom.