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O' Reilly Interview with Michelle Malkins about BW View comments

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That's how I feel after watching that interview w/ Michelle Malkins.


Be back in a few minutes to say something more intelligent.
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OK - Why can't anybody seem to get the point out there that IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO COVER ALL BABIES nor is it OPTIMAL. It's hot, uncomfortable for both mother and baby whether or not you think it's modest/ whatever.

Why did I just waste my time watching that hoping that she would stick up for the real issue here? Her article was better.
ha, just saw it here too, and emailed him a "pity comment." at least Michelle, who usually bugs me, was intelligent.

ack, i just came out as some one who watches the O'Reilly Factor
. to be fair, i almost never agree with him - it's fun watching the train wreck sometimes.
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I was flipping channels and just caught the interview too! I had to write him an e-mail:

I just watched your interview with Michelle Malkins and I thought it was ironic that you kept saying how women should breastfeed under a shawl when your program showed pictures of three women breastfeeding without a shawl or a blanket over the baby. They looked the way I and most women I know look when they are breastfeeding and showed almost no skin at all-- certainly less than you see in most commercials using women in bikinis to sell cars, etc. People (like you) who insist that women must cover with a blanket, etc. are not offended by the possibility of some sliver of skin showing--breasts being on display to sell cars doesn't bother them--they are offended by the IDEA that women are using their breasts for their natural function (which is to feed their children), and want to pretend it isn't happening. A baby breastfeeding is not inherently a more private moment than anyone else eating in public and does not need to be hidden away. Try eating all your meals with your head under a blanket for a while and see how reasonable a demand that is.
I just couldn't do nothing! He is such an #@$%&!
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I sent him an email - maybe he'll read it on the show. If you decide to do so as well remember to keep it short and sweet :LOL in order to get it read. (jk about the sweet part but remember he makes people who call him names look like marginalized wackos so keep that in mind if you want your peice read)
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good email! I think we posted simultaneously!
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Thanks! Michelle Malkins just didn't seem to be making the point with him.
I guess another day? I think he already read the end of the show emails but he may tommorrow as well. I didn't watch the rest of the show. Did any emails about it get read?
my computer and tv are in different rooms so I didn't see the end (and didn't realize the show was over). Since I don't watch his show (except when I get sucked in while flipping), I guess I have to tape it to see if he responds.
They usually read the emails on the following day's show. They aren't that quick!

I emailed him a short sarcastic email as well. I set my Tivo to record tomorrow's show to see what letters he reads!
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What about this? It's hard to be pithy.

I often nurse in public but I've never used a blanket or a 'shawl' and my breastfeeding son would never tolerate one over his head. My shirt is all I need to cover what others don't want to see. And if they see it then they are looking way too hard.

Here's what I wrote to him. I tried to keep it short and to the point and more in line with the kinds of comments he normally airs. I also seperated the points so he can choose which one he wants to go with (if any of course).


You see more breast in a Victoria's Secret window than
you see on a nursing mother. Modesty is not the issue

Have you ever tried to eat under a blanket? Many
babies won't do it at all.

Which is worse? A woman nursing her
child, or a child screaming in hunger while mom tries
to prepare a bottle?

Interesting how the US, with all its freedoms for
women, still has an issue with nursing in public,
while many Arab countries don't.

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Originally Posted by Samjm
Interesting how the US, with all its freedoms for
women, still has an issue with nursing in public,
while many Arab countries don't.
I think that's a FANTASTIC point!
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I absolutely detest Bill O'Reilly. He makes me sick no matter what the topic.
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