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Oak Meadow Preschool?

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Just flipping through for some ideas for preschooly things to do at home. I'm sure there's lots of free stuff out there I could put together but it would be so nice to have it all there. At any rate, has anyone bought Oak Meadow's preschool package? I've looked at their stuff for later on, and find it a bit too unchallenging for my DS...for example, he already knows his letters and their sounds and numbers, so as far as that goes he'd have to start practically in like 1st or second grade...but I'm not looking for an actual curriculum for his prek year, yk? We have had lots of boredom this winter and I don't want it to happen again!!! I think it could be fun, but they don't really list any details. Any opinions?
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Your son is just a bit younger than my daughter. I think it would depend on your son's personality. I borrowed some OM preschool stuff from a friend when my dd was 3 and my daughter hated it. She was bored out of her skull. The stuff was way too simple and cutesy for her. Whenever she would see the OM stuff, she would wrinkle up her nose and say, "I don't want to do thaaa-aaat." My friend's daughter, however, LOVED it. It depends on the kid.

Just for reference, my dd could count to 20 and knew all her letters and most of the sounds by the time she was 2 1/2.

We have the OM Kindergarten year. I'd have to say that it's the exception these days, for a child to make it to 5 years old, and still need to be introduced to the alphabet, and 1-10.

For the younger years, they (Oak Meadow people) are not particularly challenging with academic work. But they do that on purpose. If you look even further ahead, their work is just where it "should" be. But early on, they prefer the focus to Not be on hard-core "school" work. There's plenty of time for that later, and they'll get to it.

I don't even bother with the letter and number introduction part of the OM package. My child is quite beyond that, so I won't bore her with it. But, it is still a great package, imo. There is so much more than that. I really like their suggestions and activities and stories.

But fwiw, I'm one who does not feel restricted to the chosen curriculum. I've never intened to use to curriculm for early reading and math anyway. We're getting on just fine with our own methods there.

I think the OM package is a great place to get ideas for some age-appropriate, enriching, fulfilling activities.
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Just flipping through for some ideas for preschooly things to do at home.
I've put together a page on preschool/kindergarten learning activities for my site (it's non-commercial). If you look beneath the box of articles, you'll find links to lots of websites that offer free fun activitiy ideas.
Preschool/kindergarten activities.

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Thanks for the help!
I think I will skip the curriculum since there is very little I think I would really want to use from it. Thanks for the link Lillian (my DD's name btw
), I think that will actually end up being more of a help (as long as I can organize myself enough to write down the things I'd like to do on some sort of "schedule"--and I mean schedule very loosely--so I actually do them LOL!).
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