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Ok well I feel so much better.Was still shaking for an hour after my appointment.
I think my OB wanted to laugh at me but he didn't dare.I was litterly shaking and taking deep breaths.
Anywho had my u/s and I am due 4/8,but will have baby most likely 3rd week of march,if this little bean hangs in there till 38w.I do not want another 35 weeker.

So as of today I am 7w6d so 8w tomarrow.
Seriously I don't think I took a breath for 3 min.I have pocs but its really blurry and just a blob on the pic lol.But I seen its little heart beating.In 8 weeks I get another U/S and I will be between 16-17w and hopefully this little bugger cooperates and is nothing like his/her sisters.With the 4 girls I did not find out till I was 30+ weeks cuz they refused to cooperate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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