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OB rec's for North Houston???

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I'm teaching a childbirth class, and 2 of the ladies need doctor rec's for North Houston. (Unfortunately, neither one is open to out-of-hospital birth)

So, the first would like to birth at NW Med Center, and she lives near I-45 and FM 1960. The kicker is that she is 35 weeks pregnant and she just fired her OB, so she needs a new DR ASAP!

The second lives near Antoine and Beltway 8 and she is new to Houston. Her insurance is through "Texas Child Medicaid" so it will be important to find a DR that accepts medicaid.

Thanks for any help you can give!!!!
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at north houston i think dr janowitz delivers there. i think he delivers at memorial hermann off of 610 and ella as well. thats close to antoine, not to beltway 8 but well antoine isnt close to the beltway either so i am not sure where you mean.
Oh, I forgot- I've heard SO many good things about Dr. Guilliams here in Houston. I know he backs up midwives.

HOWEVER, he is retiring at the end of this year... so he may not be taking any more patience.

But, he is PRO VBAC and natural birth.

There are some negative reviews, but I often wonder if they are FOR REAL. They sound so outrageous. And, he's not afraid of malpractice suits and whatnot. He does what he believes is right. He is known among the natural birth community for being a "good guy".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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