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Obessive Newbie Says Hello!

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Hi I just joined this site today. I'm 40 years old and ttc my first child (never been pregnant before). I have many health issues, including Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and live an all-natural organic lifestyle in Northern California.

My partner and I have been ttc since last July. His sperm counts are so-so to normal and my tests come out okay. Last month I finally saw a fertility doctor who says my ovaries are pretty good for my age but she thought I had uterine polyps (two big ones). I had a saline sonogram which showed the "polyps" were really shadows (phew!).

The plan is that when I get my period this month I'll schedule an HSG (dye test xray) to make sure my tubes aren't blocked and do a IUI. The month after I may take FSH to increase my viable eggs (haven't decided yet).

But here's the thing...yesterday--at 10 days post-ovulation--I had a negative PT. This morning--11 days PO--I got a very faint line! A friend with 3 kids, her parenting list, the archives of this site, and the guy at the test kit company all say a faint line generally means congratulations are in order. But I'm not sure :) It was really faint, ya know.

I'll test again tomorrow morning (maybe tonight too) but of course the waiting is driving me crazy. Probably the most annoying thing is wondering, do I have symptoms of very early pregnancy? Why yes, I do. Mild cramps and slight breast tenderness...exactly the same symptoms of impending menstruation! Oy.

Thanks for listening,
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: I'm definately polling for you. Here's hoping for a positive tomorrow too!!
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I am not ttc, but I read your post and wanted to say, I have never seen a line when not pg. I have seen very faint ones myself and she is 6 now!

sending you postive vibes
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As long as you saw it during the waiting time then it sounds good to me! Good luck!
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I had a faint line now her name is Ella!!! Good vibes yer way.....
Wow you all are fast :)

I forgot to mention...the test says to read after 5 minutes. I timed it and one of my kitties wanted her mommy so it took 6 before I saw it but the manufacturer said that was okay.

Also, no spotting yet and my luteal phase basal temps are staying high (though not increasing).

I couldn't take it anymore...I just retested (about 4pm my time).

Still faint but darker and definately positive!!!!

Happy dance!!!
I agree with Erika. This is DEFINITELY a time for Mr. Horny Carrot!!


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Yay!!!! So glad for you!!!!!

And a sticky, healthy nine months!

(I'm from Northern CA, btw -- and I miss it dearly. I love living in Ontario, really I do, but I hate winter, and I miss CA! There's just something so special about the Pacific and Mt Tam and all that CA goodness!)
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and Congratulations!!!! Guess all those tests aren't needed, eh? Now you have to go intro yourself on the prego boards!!!!!!!!
here's some
and some
to MDC!
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Thanks again you all. Got another faint line this morning. Wish it were more definitive but I guess positive is positive. Well now that I'm here it's time to leave and go to the pregnancy boards as suggested -- wow never thought my day would come. My partner and I had pretty much given up hope after a year (and my 40th bday).

See ya,
Congrats! My faint line's name is Harry and he is 2 years old now. Sticky happy baby thoughts for you
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