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obGYN recommendations in Annapolis area?

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Hi all.

I know this might not be the best question to ask here, but we are planning on getting pregnant with our third child this summer. We moved from out of state and I don't have an OB here yet. Midwives are not an option for me (please no lectures). I have had two c-sections and need an OB.

Does anyone have or know of a good one in the area? Thanks!
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Most of the people here are more likely to have used a midwife so you might not get many responses.
Sorry, I can't help but I've never heard of any OBs that are really good.
Dr Jasper is very nice - I think she is a DO. She is probably the only OB I would see in AA county. She is in solo practice.
I don't have any ob/gyn suggestions. Just want to wish you luck with getting pregnant!
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I 2nd Dr. Jasper. She's the nicest OB (DO) I've come across so far. Her number is 410-573-5900. Good luck TTC!
i wanted to add - dr jasper was a PA before she went to medical school. maybe that is why she seems sweeter than most, she doesn't have that DR arrogance???

Where does Dr. Jasper practice out of? What town is she in? I was wondering if her practice has a website or anything. I am just starting to research possible doctors.
I don't think she has a website. Her office is in the Wayson Pavillion at AAMC in Annapolis.
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