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oc sherpa or flannel for wipes? contact for itissew...?

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eta - i tried to email lindsey, but it came back to me - does anyone have her email address?

i want to order some 'build your own' stuff from itisseworganic - i was wondering what you organic mamas like better for wipes - sherpa or flannel? the other side will be velour... or should i just go all velour? i kind of like having two textures...the ones i made are terry/flannel...

what do you think?
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I ordered smooth-side-out sherpa on one side and flannel on the other. I'm not a fan of velour. If I couldn't decide among 3 fabrics I would probably get half my wipes with one combination and the other half with another.
I have some OC sherpa wipes with one side smooth one side fluffy, those are really thick. My favorite are the sherpa/flannel also. I have some smooth side out, and some fluffy which really helps with the poops!
sherpa. Softer than terry, yet grippy enough for sticky, peanut butter poos!
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My personal favorite is flannel on one side, then velour or sherpa on the other. I'd probably get a mix of sherpa and velour, I love them both. So yummy!
I would go for the flannel, I find sherpa way too thick for my taste... but mine's not organic either, so go for a mix
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I would go for the sherpa as well.
IMO, flannel gets pilly and yucky and stiff. All of my sherpa has stayed really nice after a year or more of use.
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looks like i'll have to go with a mix! :LOL

i tried to email lindsey, but it came back - anyone know her contact info?
[email protected] is her email addy that is actually working right now (from what I understand). She will do two sided OV wipes for you too, when she gets her velour in.
I think sherpa/velour wipes are the BEST!
The sherpa's nice and grabby for poo, and the velour's wonderfully soft. Flannel's fine at first, but over the long term it pills, fades, and can get scratchy. (I got a number of combinations to try a year ago.)
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