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October Charlotte Mason Support Thread

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I thought I'd start it even though we haven't been doing much yet. I had lots of plans, but life has gotten crazy. I enjoy keeping up with what everyone else is doing...definitely an inspiration.

DD, who just turned 5 in September and LOVES books, was flipping through a book and making up a story this morning. We have tried starting a reading program (100 EZ lessons), but she was not interested. I asked her if she wanted to learn to read the words on the page so that she could know what the book said and didn't have to make up a story. She answered very matter of factly, "I'll learn to read when I'm 6." So there we have it...she has spoken.
I guess I need to stop stressing about getting her reading.

We're planning lots of outdoor time for this month. The blog posted on the September thread really inspired me.
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Hello everyone!

We have had an off week this week. Not intentionally but it seems to be shaping up to a completely unproductive week!

On Monday we did get a chance to check out a new bike trail, 5 miles rounds trip. It was really nice and we will be visiting it more often now that the weather is bearable. Another month and it will be perfect!

Next week we are starting the Burgess Animal Book, staring a lapbook/notebook on Animal Classification as a lead in to an entire unit on zoology, reading Panther Glade as the first book we are doing in the Florida FUN Unit Study series and we will be working on art projects for the Fall Festival of the Arts (I am the HS display coordinator!). After we have worked through Animal Classification and Reptiles and Amphibians we will switch back to History and work on Ancient China.

Our scheduling is far from what Charlotte Mason would feel is appropriate but we have a hard time transitioning between things so we work in large blocks instead of short bursts!

We will be including a lot of nature sketching into our zoology unit. I am planning on taking the boys to the zoo with sketch books and have them sketch the animals that we are studying each week.

DS1 has plans to read Phantom Tollbooth (already working on) and Peter Pan this month. He also picked up a few Harry Potter extras at the used bookstore and a book on Greek Gods that he wants to read this month.

DS2 is reading the Poky Little Puppy right now. After that he wants to read the Grouchy Ladybug and I am planning on reading The Little Engine that Could as a read aloud.

So there are our plans in a nutshell (I reserve the right to change my mind at ANY moment! LOL).
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I have to admit, the boys I've been tutoring have not responded well to cm techniques. They also find it difficult to sit through most books. But I continue to teach them the best I can. I still try to read a book or two to them a day.

My dd on the other hand is a sponge. She loves to be read to, she thrives on learning new concepts. She is slowly learning to read! I'm not pushing it but she is reading most short vowel words...I have her read a few pages or a phonic reader most days. She has a habit of helping the almost 7 yo boy sound out his words! Boy does that make him mad!

I've been lucky the past few weeks and have found some wonderful books at the local thrift store, including Blueberries for Sal. My dd loves that book and grabs it every time we go to the now I can read it to her anytime!

We haven't done any nature hikes lately but yesterday I found a bunch of large boxes and I let the kids build their own fort. They loved it!

I'm so looking forward to the leaves changing. I've been reading lots of autumn stories and dreaming of collecting leaves with the kids. Next week we'll turn lunch bags into pumpkins. I must look for some poems and books to inspire them...
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OK, this thread sorta died!

I am going to revive it!

I have a new approach to narration I thought some of you might be interested in. DS1 HATES narration. He sees it as me not believing he read. So instead of asking him to tell me what he read about I ask him to draw me a picture of what happened in each chapter of his book. He is ALL OVER THIS!!!!
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