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October Mamas: June!

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I figured considering it's the 4th already, it's about time we start a new thread. :LOL

Look out, she's MOBILE! Yep, Squid started crawling last night. Well, creeping, I guess. She doesn't get her tummy off the floor - she pulls with her arms and pushes with her feet, and can get darn near anywhere she wants to. She's traveled about 3 feet in one go so far. She's so PROUD of herself! And I can see the thoughts going through her head - no more waiting on Mama to give her whatever's caught her eye! :LOL

I'm supposed to be working, so I can't linger long. But I had to share the news!

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wow! congratulations on crawling. October mamas must be busy this month (me included). I hope you are all doing well. I found a lady to donate breastmilk to make up for my low supply. yea!
Hey Everyone!

Got so behind w/ the May thread ... I'd better jump in here and say hi while it's still manageable

Puffmama, that's great that you're able to supplement w/ EBM ... what a blessing! Have you thought about using a SNS to supplement with? It's kind of a PITB, but would probably help your supply more than supplementing from bottles. I don't know your story, so I hope I'm not stepping on toes, just wanted to throw that out there

We're all doing well ... Noey is mobile as well, crawling around and thinking about pulling up on stuff ... yikes! I don't think I'm ready for this! This is just *such* a fun age, we're all enjoying him so very much.

Ethan is doing well ... so much better than the last few times I posted. It seems we've made it through yet another rough patch ... but wow, is the night the darkest before the dawn! There were some serious tough moments/days!

So far our spring is staying pretty mild ... it's so nice to be able to get so much outside time. I'm trying to get organized for "school" for Ethan next year. I won't have to report to the county, but I want to get in the habit of record keeping so the following year, when I *do* have to report, things will go more smoothly.

There are some newer pictures linked in my siggy.

Can't wait to hear what everyone else is up to!
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How are you all doing???? I haven't even begun to try to catch up here, this is my first visit back to the boards. We JUST got internet back the other day, after Verizon screwed around with on DSL (does it really take to 2 months to realize that you don't offer DSL at a given address????) so we have cable now. New York is pretty great, we are liking it a lot so far. Our apt is huge, and we're basically all unpacked and settled, just a few more things to get done. We've even painted the kitchen and a wall in Mickade's room. It looks nice. Which is good because half our family will be here next week for DH's CHange of Command ceremony, where he gets command of his first ship handed over to him. Pretty cool.

Let's see...quickly....the drive up here went a thousand times better than I had ever dreamed of. The kids were great, we even got here ahead of schedule. Not too much was broken by the movers. We've made friends here already, gone to playgroup and (free on base!!) Gymboree, I've been out shopping with new girlfriends, found lots of places to go and shop on Staten Island (we even have our own zoo and children's museum here!!). Mickade is starting to adjust and I know he is psyched to have so many kids in the neighborhood, it's fabulous for him.

Lillian got her top 2 teeth and still trying her darndest to crawl, but the poor thing keeps going backwards still. She can pull up to stand on me now, but hasn't done it on furniture just yet. I think she even said "Mama" a few times the past couple days!!!!
: We had her 6 month check up before we left and she was 17lbs 9oz and 26in. I was going to start some vax but she was sick so we didn't even consider it. She has a cold now though unfortunately.

I'm pretty tired right now so I'm going to sign off, but I'll fill you all in on more bits and pieces as time goes on. I hope everyone is well and I'm so excited to back to "hang out" with you all again.
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Hey! Can I join? My ds was born Oct. 22 last year. So he's almost 7 1/2 months old now. No crawling, rolling, scooting or mobilising whatsoever here.
He wants to so bad though, and can pull up and almost cruise.
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10/8 b-day and we are CRAWLING as in no more tummy on the floor! He didn't even really *do* that phase LOOL he pretty much went from rolling to up rocking to crawling
It was like one week all he did was roll around, not reallly sitting, nothing then a couple weeks later here we are sitting really well, crawling, everything! He even will pull himself up to stand by the couch, especially if the CAT is on it!
The cats don't know what hit 'em! Now he can chase them! He LOVES it, screeches when he sees them and starts off. What amazes me more is my big fat gray cat lets him catch her and lay on her........for about a minute LOL then he pulls some fur and she is off.......but she *could* immediately get up and keep moving and doesn't! She's his 'favorite.'

He said 'hi' last week once. He also learned to patty cake last week and I have now decided if he claps his hands while eating, it means 'more'

He's decided he HATES having his hair washed!
So I try to limit that experience to a couple times a week. (sometimes though we get a little crazy with the bananas LOL)
And we *try* baby massage but he now just wants to chase kitties!! I got one leg done and the other about half......before he saw THE CAT!

He likes feeding himself bananas. We also tried baked sweet potato chunks a couple weeks ago I think it was and he liked that. Also toast with mashed avocado.

ONE tooth, all his little friends have BOTH of the bottom two! Every once in awhile I think I see the other bottom coming up but he doesn't let me get a good look!

We are still going to sign language class and he *loves* that, 2 little baby girls his age in the class.
We are also starting a playgroup with them, probably when sign class is over as we were talking about Sat. PM.

Oh, and we have slept ALL NIGHT save for 2 nights in the last 2 weeks!! YAY Z!!!!! (OK that means I feed him right before we go to bed at around 11ish and he doesn't wake till 6-7 AM)
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I'm new to this thread. I have a beautiful baby girl named Maelyn - born on October 8, 2004. She's currently enjoying swim classes at the local Y. She's sitting up unassisted and loves to stare at herself in the mirror. She loves to smile
, clap and wave
at people. She's my little angel.

She brings absolute joy to my life.
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happy June

Willow almost crawled tonight! she's got an interesting way of getting it started ... instead of from being on her tummy, she starts from sitting up. then leaning forward and curling one leg in front of her and one leg out to the side. she got one crawl-step forward and then rolled over onto her back, looked shocked

her newest word is "ball" i sit on the floor and we roll a ball back and forth, she gets so excited and claps her hands, i say and sign "ball" to her a lot while we play. one time she wanted it when i had it, she yelled "baaaall!" so cute! so far she's got "hi" "mama" "dah-dee" and "kiii" (kitty) and now "baaall"
of course i only hear mama when she's yelling/crying for me! as in, "mahhhh-mahhhh!" :LOL

i now hate formula even more than i ever thought possible. rather than giving us more per month as she grows, WIC checks stay exactly the same. i didn't know that! so we're on our last can until next month. my husband just got a job and we need to pay rent, car payment, etc. ASAP. i have no idea how to come up with the $15/can! i know i could probably re-lactate again, but she's only 2 lbs. heavier than last time, and my meds were still sedating her (they said that's common for smaller babies). every time i try to reduce the meds, i stop sleeping again and end up in a lot of pain. i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one! i'll have to feed her more solids to fill her up so the formula goes farther
i think avocados have some of the essential fatty acids found in breastmilk? i need to study about the solid foods and find the ones that will provide her the most-needed stuff. and find breastfeeding mamas with formula checks. bleah!
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Just wanted to say hi Christine and Amy! Nice to hear updates from you guys.
Amy - your move to NY sounds so exciting...that's so great that you're making friends so fast...and shopping in NY, I'm not jealous at all
Congrats to your dh for his new command, that sounds so cool. I wish my husband had "command of a ship" - makes me think of Russell Crow.

Welcome mamabohl - my ds was born on the 22nd also.
and HI charmedbeing - Maelyn is such a beautiful name!

Meli- could you try posting on the tp or maybe the pregancy boards here for cans of formula? There are lots of us who get those free cans in the mail when we're pregnant and don't know what to do with them. They may not be the brand you need, I don't know. Willow shouldn't have to go w/out the formula she needs though. I can't believe WIC wouldn't help you out. They suck. yay for Willow saying so many words, my goodness!
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Meli-Most of the women I know that got those cans of formula, including myself, donated them to WIC as extra for those in need. You should ask them if they have any or if they get any to give you a call. The trading post has a rule about not posting for formula or formula related products, sorry.

Lydia started creeping last night and can get all over the living room in a short amount of time. She'll also get on her knees and rock. She's also started saying mama and dada. I think she only knows what mama meens though, 'cause she says that whenever she wants me
. She's almost 8 months and getting so big!

Welcome to all the new mamas!!!
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mamabohl and charmedbeing!

Amy, that's so cool to be in NY! Congrats on your dh moving up the ladder!
Meli, also congrats on your dh getting a job, hopefully things will look brighter for your guys.

We're flying to Germany this summer, I'm a bit nervous to fly that far with Sophia, it's quite a trip from SF. Now I'm wondering where to change her diapers when in restaurants and on the road. Any ideas?
My grandparents, who are very dear to me, are now in their 80ies will finally get to meet their great-granddaughter, I can't wait. It's been one of my life wishes for them to meet my off-spring before they move on. Now it's happenning!
My grandma said that she can't wait to cuddle her, but she also thought, well, the little baby doesn't even know me, so we have to kinda be careful not to scare her with our wanting to cuddle her!

Sophia has had constipation, so I've cut out anything iron-fortified. Is it really THAT important or can I just cut it out for a while? She gets prunes every day and yesterday, after three days of difficult constipation she finally "unplugged"
Poor thing had strained sooo much and it made her cry and fuss for two days. I've heard prunes, pears, peaches are great...any more suggestions from you mamas here???
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Oh, Maelyn is such a cute baby!!!
Saw your post on the May thread, so I wanted to make sure it got answered.

Nursing frequency is going to vary depending on growth stages and the amount of solids your baby is eating. But if it helps, DD's feeding schedule is usually something like this:

6 a.m. nurse
9 a.m. 4 oz. bottle EBM
12 noon 2-3 oz. solids
2 p.m. 4 oz. bottle EBM
4 p.m. nurse or bottle - she's been dropping this one lately
6 p.m. 3-4 oz. solids
8 p.m. nurse

That help any?

BTW, Welcome!

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Hey Ladies - Quick question......... how often do you breastfeed your little bundle of joy?

Why I ask........ I'm a first time mommy and lately I've been second guessing whether or not I'm feeding her enough. Everybody keeps telling me what a small, tiny, petite baby she is. Their shocked when I tell them that she just turned 8 months. She is approximately 28" long and approximately 16lbs. She was small at birth - weighing 6lbs 9oz.

She might be small but she's happy and healthy.
She has frequent wet and poo diapers. She's also eating food 2-3 times a day (swt potatoes, pears, bananas, etc).

I know its different for every baby - just curious. I hate thinking that I'm not doing enough. I feel like I'm doing something wrong everytime someone tells me she's small.

Any feedback would be great!
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Thanks KC - your schedule is very similar to mine.

thank you.
Happy June Mommas!!

Nora has been crawling for a week now! AND the day she started crawling she also started pulling herself up to standing!! AHHHH!!
I keep telling her to take her time! My little girl is growing up too fast!
She's been keeping us busy now that she's all over the place but its lots of fun. She seems less interested in playing with me now and just wants to explore... its so funny though to have her follow me from room to room if I leave where she is!
My nursing schedule is similar also.. I was wondering about that a few days ago...
She still nurses every few hours... sometimes I think its more just so she can come by me... and she gets distracted SOOO easily!
We were out of town last weekend and spending time with DH's family. She would act like she wanted to nurse but than once I had her she would just want to cuddle her momma

I've been working on getting her to nap in her crib... its going okay but she deffinitly isn't napping as long as she was.
When we were visiting this weekend she fell out of our guest bed at MIL house... it was only a twin and I"m used to our Queen and having DH sleeping with us.. well he had to sleep on the couch so I was missing a barrier! LOL
I felt HORRIBLE!! but she seems to be okay...
I've noticed that when you take the baby to family functions.. everyone just wants to PLAY with her...
Noone offered to change her diaper... or rock her to sleep...
when she was tired they would just comment on how tired she looked and then wave and poke at her! I know they are just excited to see her but it deffinitly got a little frusterating by the end of the weekend.
My MIL thought it was time to play with her at midnight becuase she woke up.
Well I gotta go....
Hope everyone is doing great!!
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Hey mama's!
Things here are going well. Miles turns 4 tom. How the heck did that happen?
Reed's just now started solids. He's loving eating.

Charmedbeing~ I'm in Marietta also. Very near Harry's Farmers Market. Do you attend LLL meetings?
Hey Momadance - I just pm'd you. I live near Harrys too!! I'm thinking about attending the LLL meeting tomorrow. I've never attended one.
Charmedbeing- I know exactly how you feel! My baby boy is 7 mos, 17lbs and everybody just has to tell me over and over how skinny he is!

And Ikeep trying with the solids but he just doesn't like them very much. He's my 3rd baby and i STILL think im not doing anything right!

sometimes i wish i could be like everyone else i know and not care if i'm doing anything right! i'd have so much less stress
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Hi everybody! I missed the May thread so figured I'd jump into this one early before I get too behind again. I see a few new "faces" and two babies with the same birthday as Sasha (Oct 8)!

So, we're doing great. Sasha isn't approaching crawling yet. Being the big boy he is, he's on the "slower side of normal" with respect to physical stuff. But he's sitting up just fine on his own now. He has FIVE teeth. Would you believe three of them came in within a few days of each other, and then within the week he had five. It's amazing. And he really hardly fussed. He is SUCH a laid back kid, so happy and smiling all the time. He's down to about 2 naps a day. Interestingly, he doesn't usually nap to sleep. DH "bounces" him on his knee. Or if we're out he'll sleep in the stroller or car. It's kind of nice not to be the only one who can put him to sleep. He goes tomorrow for his second set of vaxes (we delayed and passed on a few), and I'm guessing he's going to be about 23 lbs. He wears 18 - 24 month clothing!

He's really enjoying his food, I feed him two "meals" a day. He gets fruit in the morning and veggies for lunch. We're doing peaches, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, yams...his poops are alot more solid now, which is nice for keeping the diaper covers clean. I'm proud to say I make all his baby food, organic. I'm having such fun with this because Emily sort of skipped this stage. I'm thinking he'll be ready for finger food pretty soon. Someone asked about iron fortified? I don't do it. It's constipating. He'll be getting iron soon enough in his solids at the rate he's going. I make my own rice cereal out of plain ol' organic brown rice.

As you can see from my sig, Emily is out of diapers. She still has accidents every now and then, but it's been great. She even had diarrhea on Sunday and managed to get it all in the potty (we had a stay-home-all-day kind of day, it was raining hard). Sorry if that's too icky, but I was very proud that she passed such a difficult "test" of her potty using, lol.

Trueblue, New York - how cool! Glad to hear you are enjoying it so much.

Oh boy...gotta run, Emily is really tired and I need to get her to bed before she has a meltdown...I'll be back!!
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