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Please e-mail me ([email protected]) your choices of who you would like to send packages to by OCTOBER 8th--WEDNESDAY. (IF you know earlier that is fine.)

The SWAP LIST will be posted by OCTOBER 11th--SATURDAY.

Please mail out packages by OCTOBER 15th--WEDNESDAY if possible.


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OK, here we go...
Since I am still waiting on 2 of my swap packages from the last swap... I am sure I will be making some changes once I get them.

I don't mind used things, but please only EC items, NO rips, stains, etc.


*ME Covers, size M/L Airflow- PRINTS Only )(EC-VGC)

* RB Flag Diaper, Size 2- Prefer girl prints

*Ice Star- S, M or L :LOL (Gotta try)

*Kissaluvs Size 0 GN Colors *These are for a friend - not me!*

For the kiddos

*Waldorf Doll- Oh please, please, please! LOL

*Gameboy Advance (OR if you have one to sell, PM me! Any color but pink)

*Maya Sling for kids- Pattern #51 (DD wants to 'match' mommy)
*PJ's -
*Size 8 boy (Prefer Children's Place, Gap, Old Navy or Hanna PJ's)

*Church Dresses- WINTERY- Very Dressy please, (EC only please)
Size 7-8 Girl, Size 12-18mth Girl

*Boys & Girls Jeans, Size 7- EC only! These are for school. Blue Jeans only please!
PREFER: Levi's, Gap, Old Navy

*Little Girl Jeans- 12month - EC/VGC Prefer blue jeans, oshgosh/gap/old navy/ little levi's.

*Cute ballet outfits for gymnastics- 8-10 (Girls- EC/VGC please)

*Dora DVD's

*Strawberry Shortcake DVD's

*DVD's for Kids (Disney, Baby Einstein, etc.. PM me)

*DVD's in Spanish for the kid's.

Momma Stuff
*Nice Clothes, trendy in size 22-24W (Please PM first!)
*Flowy Skirts, size 24-26W please (PM first)
*KK Fleece Pouch- Large
*Maya Wrap- Medium (PM me first though please)

For DH
*Obsession Cologne
*Lowrider ARTE magazines (OR PM me if you have some and want to sell!)
*DVD's in Spanish (Adults movies)

*Soy Candles- We love most all fruits, especially apple, NO pine or coffee scents please
*Candle Making Supplies- Wax, Wicks, Oils (Prefer fruity scents)
*Snap Press - Resin Snaps
*Baking Stones- Pie Plate, 8x8, 9x9, 10x13
*Norelco HAIR clippers (NOT the beard/mustache kind)- OR if you have some you want to sell outright, LMK!

*Gift Certificates to the following:
Babies R US
Toys R US
Old Navy
Home Depot
Children's Place
Red Lobster
Golden Corral

I *think* that's all, PM me if you have any questions.

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I am in---didn't do the last one & regret it........It's FUN!


Halloween costume to fit 12m boy or 4 year old boy---something warm OK -we are in New Endgland-- would like something cloth--not plastic-- animal- pirate----etc? (you can PM me if you want--)

LEGOS-- small "big kid" or the bigger duplo--(They need to be LEGO though-- not another plastic brand) Especially would like the big flat green piece that you build upon!

Wooden Train tracks- or TRAINS---BRIO

PLAYMOBIL furnature/ cars etc---pirate stuff

KIDS DVDS------just @ any...........need for Grama's house

PLAY FOOD/ Kitchen things-----pots - pans-- wooden food etc.

Leap PAd books/ disks........up to age 7-8 (just not the Tad frog ones-- Scooby doo-- other commercial characters OK))

HANNA Andersson stripe long Johns boy/nuetral size 80-90-100 (tops & bottom don't have to match---any condition as long as not bad)


Wool covers to fit 20 lb 12 month boy
Diapers- fitted --to fit same
Pocket diapers to fit same (happy Heiney's Fuzzibunz etc.)
Euclan wool wash

MAMA things:

Wool socks
Wool mittens
Watercolor paper- watercolor brushes-- paints-- cake or tubes--
Acrylic paints-- canvas- rolled...........

Johnny CASH cds-------any.................
Grateful Dead CDs

Womens ski/ snow pants medium 8-10 black- light blue- white grey etc. (maybe PM to check- brand/style)

Computer game the SIMS- House party etc.

Rhinestone Jewlery-- bigger/ chunkier the better

Woman's leather boots size 8- 8 1/2 --chunky heel- high heel....

Funky vintage purses.......

ADDING MORE LATER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wet bag for dirty dipes
Kitchen & Bath remodelling magazines
Beezwax candles
Nice hairbrush..........

ADDING MORE 29th sept>>>>>>>
Down pillows or KING pillows any fill
Sharp knives--henkels-wustof etc.
Silicon rubber spatulas......
Cloth napkins--at least six of same color/ print---
BOOK-WRITER"S MARKET--newest edition......
wooden dollhouse furnature

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I'm in too!
Joey Bunz or other hemp stuffer (Ducky Bunz, HH, SMJAE)
Medium Rikki wrap (not white or blue) or Bumpy
Weleda Calenduela cream
Burts Bees Diaper ointment
or similar CD friendly bottom balms

For DD
Hanna Anderson Play clothes and wiggle pants for winter size 70-80 ~ I like bright colors, like new condition please
Super Baby Food Book (or similar)
Story Teller Felt sets ~ really like Hungry Caterpillar, Rainbow Fish, Brown Bear, just about any except religous
Like new super cute outfits for winter, size 12 month from Gap,Gymboree, ect.
size 3 pink Nike's, or other similar tennis shoes ( have plenty of Mary Janes
Cloth pyramid made of different fabrics (different textures)
Wooden food
Baby Einstein DVDs (I have Galileo, Neptune, Bach and Neighborhood Animals) or other BE stuff (puppets, books, ect)
Disney DVDs (Ask first)

For Me and Misc.
Taste of Home Cookbooks (I have 1999, 2000, and 2001, so any others, hardback annual, not the magazine
Car seat storage cover (or whatever it's called) to store Graco Snugride and base
Trendy LS shirts for winter, prefer non-ironing :LOL Size small or medium. I'm around a size 6-8

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(Anything except cards.)

Spiderman or Justice League items.

Power Ranger Action Figures.

Gameboy Advance... any color but pink.

Preschool or kindergarden Leap Pad Books & Cartridges (Ask First)

All natural preferably organic hair & body wash for my 4 year old.

Pee Wees Playhouse Videos.

Small Legos.


Buddhist, Zen & Tao items. (Books, Music, Knick-Knacks, Art, Linens, etc...)

All Natural Body Wash.

A YOGA BALL & VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Essential Oils (Lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood or other yummy scents... try me.)

A Keeper Keeper.

Brita (or similar) water pitcher with extra filters.

Knitting stuff. (Natural Fibers only)

Wooden Knitting Needles.

Embroidery stuff.

Black or Dark Brown Leather Birkinstock clogs size 40.

Cool medium sized patchwork funky purse/bag.

Sally Spicer purse/bag, any color haiku.

Bath & Body Works White Ginger & Amber lotions & creams.

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil.

IM LOOKING FOR THESE CD's: (Original only, please.)

7 Seconds + Praise
Halo Benders + Don't Tell Me Now
Le Tigre + Feminist Sweepstakes
Cake + Comfort Eagle
*ANY* Gits (Except Frenching The Bully)
*ANY* Groovie Ghoulies (Except Born In The Basement)
Southern Culture On The Skids + Girlfight
Southern Culture On The Skids + Peckin' Party
Southern Culture On The Skids + Zombiefied
Southern Culture On The Skids + For Lovers Only
Southern Culture On The Skids + Santo Swings/Viva Del Santo
Nuetral Milk Hotel + In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Vic Chesnutt + Drunk
Vic Chesnutt + Left To His Own Devices
Vic Chesnutt + Is The Actor Happy?
The Dave Matthews Band + Before These Crowded Streets
The Dave Matthews Band + Everyday
The Red Hot Chili Peppers + Self Titled
Ryan Adams + Heartbreaker
*ANY* Sun Volt
Sleater-Kinney + Self Titled
Sleater-Kinney + Call The Doctor
Ramones + Rocket To Russia
Ramones + Pleasant Dreams
Ramones + Too Tough To Die
The Rock-n-Roll High School Soundtrack
Reverend Horton Heat + Holy Roller
Reverend Horton Heat + Spend A Night In The Box
Reverend Horton Heat + Space Heater
O Sister 2! + The Womens Blugrass Collections
Hank Williams Sr. (Except Low Down Blues)
*ANY* Black Sabbath (Except Paranoid)
Metallica + ...And Justice For All
Metallica + Master Of Puppets
*ANY* Rosemary Clooney

Stan Getz
Dinah Washington
Dizzy Gillespe
Charlie Parker
Miles Davis
Billie Holiday
John Coltrane
Charles Mingus
Thelonious Monk
Ornette Coleman
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Herbie Hancock
Chet Baker
Sun Ra
Howlin Wolf
Lightnin' Hopkins
Mississippi John Hurt
Astral Project
Slim Harpo
Coleman Hawkins


A Blue Note Live Compilation called "Live at the Roxy"


For F*cks Sake by: Robert Lasner
Satan Burger by: Carlton Mellick III
Villa Incognito by: Tom Robbins
The Mountains of Tibet by: Mordicai Gerstein
Nourishing Traditions by: Sally Fallon
Bomb The Suburbs by: William Upski Wimsatt
Clean House, Clean Planet by: Karen Logan
Living Organic by: Adrienne Clarke
*ANY* Books on Unitarian Universalism (Except A Chosen Faith)

*ANY* books by:
Walt Whitman
Langston Hughes
Ralph Waldo Emerson
E.E. Cummings
Henry David Thoreau
Robert Frost

(I would prefer anything you swap with me be used. I would not want anyone to go out & spend money on my list. Thank you.)

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Fleece liners for diapers
Wooden Toys
Koosh Balls
Hanna's 80cm Boy Stuff
100% cotton long sleeve boy stuff, 18 mth or 24 mth. Prefer Carter's or other well made brand.

Seive/Chinoise (sp??)
Simple Flower Arrangements -- think Asian and muted colors
Candles -- muted colors
Cloth Napkins -- gray or purple or mauve or something in that spectrum
Cloth/leather gloves for gardening L
Bypass pruners for gardening
Garden statuary
Black Blotter for desk
4x6, 3x5 picture frames -- nothing brass or gold
camping equipment

Home Comforts
Dairy Free Cooking by Louis Lanza
The New Vegan Cookbook by Lorna Sass
Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna Sass
Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan
Really, anything vegan
Dr. Seuss board books (the ones BY Dr. Seuss; already have Alphabet Book and Mr. Brown)
Where the Wild Thing Are
Healthy Life Kitchen by Marilu Henner
Total Health Makeover by Marilu Henner (not the 30 day one)

Yummy, smelly stuff that doesn't have SLS or other icky stuff in it
M Blue Canoe bottoms -- whatever!
EOs: Geranium, Lavendar, etc. Anything but Lemongrass and TTO


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I'm in,

in no particular order~

The Arts~books, music, artwork, etc...
Genesis-Trick of the tail CD
Sting-Sacred Love CD(copy fine)
Felt Wee Folk
Festivals with Children
All Year Round
Halloween~romantic art & customs of yesteryear
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
The Incarnating Child
The Gnome Craft Book
Mothering With Soul
Baby Dolls and Their Clothes
cool kids music(non religious) CD or cassette(copies are fine)
Baby Einstein series videos~have Einstein & Mozart(copies is fine)
Jumpstart Preschool original for Mac(copy is fine)
faerie, elf, gnome, celtic, Goddess, Buddha, Greenman, etc, prints, artwork, books
Sulamith Wulfing prints, books, cards(have fairy cards)
Helen Nelson-Reed artwork
Anything by Jen Delyth
Leap pad books(check 1st)
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge:Nurturing Our Children from Birth to 7
Pagan Kids Activity Book by Amber K
Pagan Parenting by Kristin Madden
Elsa Beskow books(any)
Margaret Tarrant fairy books(any)
Noisy Village books(other than Springtime in Noisy Village)
Ernest & Celestine books(other than Merry Christmas E & C)

Toys & imaginative stuff
natural/waldorf toys infant age & up
waldorf style dolls, gnomes, anything
Harry Potter broom & glasses
"magical" dressup clothes( I have wizard, & dragon wings)
feral cheryl doll in good condition
nature table people, animals, etc...
fairytale puzzle blocks
stockmar beeswax crayons
kids card games
wooden mosaic puzzles
wooden nesting toys
sewing cards
growth chart for Dylan
Sweet Dream cards

Craft stuff
wool, or wool blend felt, any colors 2"x2" & bigger
boucle mohair or other natural yarn for doll hair any color
silk blanks
procion dyes
kids knitting book by Falick
hand dyed wool yarn
wood knitting needles
wood crochet hooks
cool lampwork beads
celtic beads
stamps(celestial, oriental, leaves, celtic)

Fabric & supplies
faerie fabric
firefly fabric
organic fabric
cotton thread~white

polarbabies fleece cover 15lbs & up

hanna clothes-girls or gn size 70 or bigger, boys or gn size 110 or bigger
ap, celtic, environmental, pagan clothing kids size 6mo & up, adult XL
xl regular style t-shirts excellent condition-solid muted colors
6mo & up girly bearfeet, elefanten, etc shoes
underoos size 5 boys "superheroes"
5/5T "superhero" clothes/t-shirts
boys or gn Elefantens size 28 or 29, nothing dressy these are for play

Musical instruments
wooden instruments
wooden recorder

Everything else!
Bowron carseat lamby
cool pagan, environmental, celtic, ap, etc...NON rightwing bumperstickers/window clings
magnet sheets to stick bumperstickers on to
magical yard decorations
yoga stuff(have mat & videos)
celtic cloak pin
tarot decks~check 1st, I collect them
stick blender
Box style stainless-steel cheese grater

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My ISO List for October SWAP! (edited on 9/29 to add a few things)

Carter's baby clothes in VGC, EC or new: any sizes in the following: lightweight terry snap front stretchies (not the recent heavy ones which look like burley terry, but the lighter-weight terry ones which were discontinued about a year ago)--any print, color, stripes--no snaps missing or stains please; the Emu frog; any Emu; any Eric Carle--especially like the one piece velour rompers in the vibrant stripes, any color, any size

Bibs from Lillypad baby--love the vintage looking prints

Maggie's Organics & Imse Vimse plain organic bibs

nature table items, silks in fall colors, little gnomes, root children, felt figures, wood gnome houses etc. Would also like items for a holiday table and an Ice Queen winter table a few months down the road.

dollmaking supplies, wool stuffing remnants of tiny print fabrics for clothing, velour quarters, dollmaking books, patterns for any size Waldorf doll & clothing etc.

Bravado nursing bras in GC or better, M+ to fit 40D

Hannas in VGC or better--no stains, 50 to 80s, onesies, zippers suits, socks, pilot caps, sweaters, leggings, striped dresses

Baby GAP, specific items, these would be used most likely but VGC or better please! From 2001: Bright pinks floral linen dress, sleeveless, any baby or toddler size; 2001 ladybug or frog collection--really want the sweaters, but anything from these collections would be much appreciated; 2002 wrap look baby sweater, it's a lightweight knit with crochet trim in different color--any color or size; Winter 2002-03 turtle neck onesie white background with tiny red floral print~~~does anyone have anything that fits these descriptions??? PM me if in question

Hanna adult long johns or short johns in size Large, any stripes, solids or prints in VGC or better--for me & dh

Diapering stuff! pull-on diaper covers such as Bummis or Dappis, EC to new, prints, any color or white in size newborn to medium;
Kissaluvs size 0 or 1, VGC or better, no stains, missing snaps or rips please) any color or fabric;
ME Sandy's, any size white or ub, EC--no stains or new;snappis; dritz diaper pins
Toot Sweet Diapers, old sizing okay, any size, Asian Prints, vintage prints, batiks--nothing black, no skulls & crossbones!
Toot Sweet wool covers
Any handmade wool soakers--like the Tiny Birds, Righteous Baby or Little Turtle Knits

3 or 4 tier metal rolling cart for diapers

square baskets, cloth lined or unlined, for baby stuff & diapers

Anything wool from LANA--love the little tulip caps

Labor of Love CD

cloth bed pads (like the ones Mom and Me Creations sells) for a home birth

Mama cloth (don't need panty liners) medium to heavy/ postpartum, new please--favorite brands: Country Cuttins; LadyGlows from Hidden Pearl Creations; Snap & Go's from Sugar Plum Baby; Hag Rag diamonds; LadyPads; Pretty Pads Mezzo or Everydays-- --I especially love flannel or velour tops

would be willing to try others though such as Lunapads, Goddess Rags, WeMoons, Goddess Moons, Mom & Me Creations or Many Moons

High cut cotton panties or high cut briefs in size Large / 7, new please (Harmony, Blue Canoe, Victoria Secret)

Pottery soaking pot for cloth pads

Pad scrubbing soap from Hag Rag

Hidden Pearl Creations new Shell Wipes, adult or kid size

Cloth Dinner napkins, like fun prints--Stork Savers has some cute ones!

Kitchen timer--anything that works!--double timer great too!

60" round table cloths--blue prints like toiles, batiks, French country, small floral--if it's toile any color!

Print stands (A Child's Dream Come True) for seasonal table

Ruth Eisasser prints--any size

Story of the Root Children-- mini book (Blessings catalog)or root children doll kits (A Child's Dream Come True)

Toile picture frames and/ or photo albums

Essential oils: lavender or tangerine

organic cotton onesies (EC or better)

wool or wool /silk onesies or rompers (EC or better)

organic socks for me & dh, actually any cotton crew socks, new, any color for me or dh would be great!

Fall scents Yankee Candle--tarts or votives only

pottery tart burner

Replacement bags to fit Oreck XL upright vac & bags for a small Oreck cannister

Cloth produce bags (Toot Sweet)

organic coffee, whole bean or expresso grind for dh

unbleached (only!) brown paper coffee filters, basket style--I got dh a hemp one & he is making a mess with it!

Celestial Seasonings teas

prenatals, red raspberry capsules, saw palmetto capsules, dandelion capsules, suma capsules, ginger capsules, wheat grass tablets, echinacea capsules

Zolowear sling or diaper bag; Chic Papoose sling

Nursing tops from Motherwear (size Lg. / 14)

Blue Canoe Jane Top nursing bras, any color VGC or better--LG. in the Jane Top Plus or XL in the regular Jane Top

Blue Canoe baby wear--love that little Zen top & the baby pants, but anything in any color!

Baby toys, blue silk fairy blanket from Magic Cabin Dolls

Any baby/ toddler toys from Maukilo or Magic Cabin Dolls

handmade tie-dye or batik slings

Gift Cards to:
JC Penney
Stop & Shop
CVS pharmacy
Hanna Andersson
Magic Cabin Dolls
Steiner Storehouse
The Vitamin Shoppe
Crate & Barrel
Pottery Barn Kids
Victoria's Secret

GCs to any of the following WAHMs:
Country Cuttins
Stork Savers
Cheeky Monkey
Toot Sweet
Baby Softwraps
Keester Kovers
Baby Bunz
Posh Punkins
Babies Under Wraps
Baby Mine Store
Stork Crossing
Hidden Pearl Creations
Orange Starfish
Tiny Birds
Righteous Baby
Lil' Munchkins
Gabriel Baby
Diaper Babies
Little Turtle Knits
Sugar Plum Baby
Little Sprout's Diapers
Mom & Me Creations
Choo Choo Booties

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I've been waiting on another since I missed the last ones during my move.My altered list from a differant swap. Diapering is for 17 and 24 lb girls.

A little stained is fine for dipes.
* Righteous baby snap ins( for WIO)
* Righteous baby FLAG's (size 2)
* Righteous baby WIO's (either size damn dog ate them!)
* Bizzy B Hive WIO size small(either weight but esp.nightime)
* BBH countors for the WIO sets
* Fuzbaby Buzfuz or purefuz contours
* Cloth Baby Aio's (good nap dipes!)
* motherease doublers
* motherease AF covers size M
* cloth wipes
* Bummis pull ons in medium

My daughters are 17lbs and chuncky, 24 lbs and skinny

~FOR ME~size 5
* Mama cloth(anykind but esp reg 9in)
* pretty Nursing bras 34-36 B/ C(I'm shaped funny)
* yoga ball, straps, or blocks
* pretty nursing sleepwear size xs or small(prefer jammies or pretty gowns))
* exercise(like yoga pants) clothing, small or med
* sexy, cute shirts or sweaters L/S size sm or med
* motherwear, onehotmama, bravado(or any stylish brand))
sweaters or dresses size xs or small

~BABY THINGS~age 6 months size 9-12months
* Something she may like to chew on besides my finger and my boobies!
* Robeez to try 6-12m
* wet bag for diaper bag
* soft headbands
* sleepers or jammies size 9-12m(100%cotton) or 18lbs up
* nursing necklace
* Baby food grinder(mine just stopped working)
* cloth baby doll of color(like magic cabin, waldorf, or even
hoemmade, color as in any ethnicity(AA, NA, hispanic, etc)
* large sized bibs
* snowsuit or coat size 12m
* Fuz baby bubble babies any color(or something similiar)
* Bf or CD advocasy clothing
* OR a CLOTH Doll making kit
* Knee pads for crawling babies(anyone KWIM)
* Finger play book

~FOR MY KNEE BABY~ age 2 size 24m or 2T
* Again a pair of Robeez to try as she really does not like shoes. Not sure on size she wears a 6 in shoes
* 100% cotton jammies or gowns 2T
* hair bows with ribbons attched
* barrets
* shoes size 6-7
* Fall/winter clothing in VG or better condition 24m or 2t(preferably cotten or mostly cotton)
* My Firts leap pad books
* large size bibs or aprons for eating or paint play
* cloth baby doll of color(like magic cabin, waldorf, or even homemade as long as it's not scary looking, color as in ethnic, AA, hispanic, asian, NA, no matter just ethnic)
* inflatable potty
* Anything Dora the Explorer
* Anything that may helps my poor baby's exzema or help her from scratching!
* Fuz baby bubble babies any color(or something similiar)
* Bf or CD advocasy clothing
* Or a Doll making kit
* White stride rites size 6

~MY SON~ size 5
* long sleeve shirts, sweater, or pull overs sz 5 VG or better
* Leap pad books pre or stage one(he's 6)
* ninja turtle anything
* jammies size 5(prefer cotton)
* Dress coat size 5 or 6(would love wool!)
* Simple first reading books(very simple letters like cat, dog, bat, KWIM)

* child's sling
* my little pony's
* balls from ball pit
* cloth baby's of color.
* anything Dora the Explorer
* Fuzbaby bubble babies any color(or anything similiar)
* or a Doll(cloth) making kit
* threading set or sew & sew
* bead maze (any size)

* avacodo oil
* shea butter
* calendula oil or cream
* lavender oil
* chamomille oil
* vitamin E oil
* anything to help DD exzema or help her from scratching!
* any good natural soap and bubble baths for DD poor skin

* one of those little micro tape recorders to send to dh
* aromathearpy crystals
* stoneware cookware(anykind I have nothing)
* headset phone
* Coin banks (or sorters) of any kind
* nature sound machine
* portable hooded dryer(has a soft bonnet)
* Digital postal scale
* More Time mom Family Organizer from Flylady
* Zen garden kit(or similiar)

* nice stationary set( for love letters to DH)
* nice journal (to keep my poerty and stories in)
* Cook books for quick meals
* soul food cook books
* hispanic cook books(esp. puertorican cooking)
* Printshop CDROM's
* Kama Sutra Books(or similiar)
* meditation CD's(birds, nature sounds, etc)
* children's books in spanish
* children's books to learn spanish
* children's movies in spanish(dvd's or vhs)
* sweet pickle books
* Wiggle videos
* Bellydancing vhs or dvd's
* book "there once was a lady who swallowed a fly"
* Audio or computer Cd's to learn spanish
* any books featuring ethnic children(AA, Hispanic, biracial, etc)
* any books promoting AP parenting(bf, cosleep, cding, etc)
* Dora videos or dvd's
* CrockPot cookbook
* Sheet music for the Flute(beginner to intermediate as I am a little rusty)
* Simple first reading books(very simple letters like cat, dog, bat, KWIM)
* More Time Moms Family Organizer from Flylady
* Baby Einstein series any format

* Build a bear
* wal-mart
* barns and nobles
* motherwear
* Target
* victoria secrets
* Red Lobster
* Olive Garden
* Black Angus

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Matchbox car race track
Wooden animals for play

Bumkins AIO Diapers

Snow pants child size 5/6
Nursing clothes size Medium
Silk long underware: child any size, womens medium

Circular knitting needles
Knitting stuff
Wooden knitting needles
Wool felt
unspun wool

Felt Craft - book

Natural bar soap
Childrens vitamins (no artifical stuff) chewable
Yankee candles
California Baby Bubble Bath ~ We use Calming a lot


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I'm in!

Robeez for boys : EC: size 12 - 18 months or larger

Robeez for girls : EC: Size 3 - 4 years or older

Joe Scruggs CD

Ballet Shoes - pink - size 8 or size 13

Any arts/crafts supplies

35 mm film

Gift Cards to restaurants

Gift Cards to Sears, Target, Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Borders

Birkinstock clogs size 40 GC or better

National Geographic Magazines

Mothering Magazines before May 1998

I'll update later!

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Here is mine.....
(most of these are for Xmas gifts- so in giftable condition please- unless stated)


Little Rascals movies or DVDs- Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

The 3 Stooges Movies or DVDs-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

Jack Van Impe videos/books-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

Pat Robertson videos/Books-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

VeggieTales DVDs- We only have "The Ballad of Little Joe" and Ultimate Silly Songs- Would LOVE Rack, Shack and Benny or Madame Blueberry

Bath and body works New lotion or soap in Vanilla Scents

WAHM Soap( We Like Danica's{The Soap Deck} in Orchid or Heather- or other flowery scents & Like pretty much ANYTHING from Tami's- ESPECIALLY
Winter's Kiss
Vanilla Sandalwood
AppleJack Peel
Pleasing Plum Spice

WAHM soap in MANLY scents- Like Woodstock...etc....

Gardening/pond things- Statues, ornamental things etc...Need to see pics/descriptions

Belly Ring Either CUTE barbells or those dangly ones- size 14 guage or is it 16?

Cool Seashells(med- Large sized)


Sand Dollars

Buggy Board (the scooter thing that attaches to strollers 4 older kids to stand on)

Clip that attaches 2 umbrella strollers together to make 1

Infant/Child helmet- for a 4 Wheeler/Snowmobile- the smallest size they make

Storage bags for a car seat(both infant and one to fit a Brittax marathon)

(2) Storage bags for a stroller

GiftCards to any of the following:
Ruby Tuesday
Old Navy
Home Depot


Foam playmats- the ones that snap together so you can add sets and make them as big as you want- need somehow to get enough to cover about 10' x 11' space.- but one package is fine too- I will just keep finding them till I have enough.
Something like this:
Or Really like this:

Little Tykes TugBoat- Like this:

Fisher Price Little People play mat

Tree Blocks

Any and All HeMan figurines or accessories(the old ones)

Anything Little People- new, old, pieces, complete sets- ESPECIALLY the old ones & the new animals
~We have the New LP Farm and the LP Zoo already.....Anything else would be GREAT! He just ABSOLUTELY ADORES the old stuff tho!


Winter Clothes(Boys)
Size 12-18 months L/S shirts from GAP or OLD navy- CUTE ones!(no snap crotch)- Like blues, greens and oranges(as long as it is a boyish orange- kwim?)
Size 18-24months or 2T GAP or OLD NAVY- need pants, l/s shirts, overalls, onepiece l/s l/l rompers- REALLY like these!(would even take the onepieces in 3T too for next year)
~~Overalls in 2T, 3T (Gap or Navy)( would REALLY love the blue cord (really thin wales almost unnoticeable)type ones that are SO soft!!!!( will take 18-24mo in the blue cord ones too)

Summer Clothes(Boys)
Size 2T or 3T- GAP or OLD NAVY- need short, t-shirts, tanktops, shortalls, onepiece s/s s/l rompers, Pajammas(shorts/shortsleeve shirts)

flexible winter boots from one step ahead- Navy- size 4-5Toddler(BADLY NEEDED!!!)

Gap Fleece Sweatshirt size L (adult) in Gray, blue or green, Burgundy(need 2 of these-will take 1 tho)

Gap or Old Navy winter jacket in size 18-24 months- Blues/greens(BOY)


Sheer Curtains in Solid Blues, Purples, Greens(think colors of the Carribbean water)-Pics

Fabric- Cute Either solid Color or something to go in carribbean theme bedroom-Pics

Fabric to recover a rocking chair cushion- same colors as above-Pics

Rugs- Deep Plush CUTE ones- in same color scheme as above-Pics

Diapers(staining on inner okay- as long as no rips or tears and Elastic is okay)
~~Lukes Drawers Candy Wrapper AIOs(not cotton kisses aios) in Large or Toddler/Xlarge~(will take ANY print- even girly)~
~~Large Bummis Pull on Pants (prints only) Would love suns and moons, or blue stars or other boyish prints(only need 1- already have orange w/ frogs and yellow w/ boats)
~~Training Pants in size 2-3T would like AIOs Boyish Prints
~~Sugarpeas Size 1 Prints (ONLY size 1's as the size 2's don't fit AT ALL!- will take ANY print- even girly-prefer the microtopped doubler)
~~Lukes Drawers Contours- need up to 5ish(L or XL-REALLY need the XL size)
LTK Soaker- in Large or Toddler- Blues, greens, or oranges
~~Bummis Ditty Tote bag in Small, MEDIUM, or Xlarge- Blue or Purple pls!)
~~Small waterproof bag for dirty wipes- zipper- doesn't matter(smaller than the bummis small tote)
~~Small waterproof bag for mama pads(big enough to hold like 4-6)

I know I asked for a few large/heavy items- but if shipping is too much(like over $10-$12) I will help pay for the shipping- if need be....

More to be added soon I am sure........

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Just wondering if it's possibe to post swap "parteners" early enough on Saturdays (or include weekends in the mailing time window) to allow for us working Mamas to participate more easily. I for one sure would appreciate it!

Anyway, my list....


HHs Large solid pastel colors preferred. Neutral or girly. If prints, new laminated prints only please.
Darling Diapers all-hemp fitteds - front-snap with snap-in contour doubler or with snap-in trifold fleece-topped doubler (love these the very best)
FS wool covers Medium or Large (Love Patchwork Pixie!)
Kindhearted women all-hemp fitted size Large
Elbee with sidewalls size Medium
Heavenly Hineys contoured fleece pockets size Large
Fern and Faerie denim fitted (neutral or girly) size Medium
***infant CPFs (UB preferred, bleached ok) but MUST be new, washed, or not previously used on a tushie please (DD uses these as lovies/chew toys) 4-6 needed.

Clothes for DD:

Long-sleeve onesies or t-shirts 6mo-18mo neutral or girly. Solids preferred although DH is partial to DD in shirts with hearts too (Gap, Old Navy, TCP, Gymboree-type). ***We have plenty of solid pink ones already though
Baby Lulu, Mon Petite Choux, Indygo, or other eye-catching painted, patchwork, tye dyed, or boutique-y clothes size 9mo-24mo. (9-12 month fall/winter; 18-24 mo. spring/summer)
Socks....we're always losing these. She's 7 mo. old, so size accordingly please.
Shoes! Robeez, Bobux, Buskins, Shoo Shoos, or the like 6-12 month size. Something cute but practical for a girl in winter e.g. white, pink, black. Used ok but prefer VGC or EC


Waldorf style toys and/or dolls for infant (7 months) or to grow into (but nothing unsafe for children under 3 please)
Wooden teethers/rattles/toys ESPECIALLY the Haba Hugging Sheep in new or EC
Any natural (non-plastic) teethers (we're about to cut our first teeth!)
Felted wool balls
Fairy wings and/or interresting pretend play/dress-up clothes for DD to grow into.
Musical toys/instruments. Natural materials preferred. No plastic please.
A Taggies blanket or toy or something of the like...DD loves tags!
Any great, natural, toys that are tactile, or that inspire creative play.


Mothering back issues (1-8; 11, 15, 18-34; 40, 41, 50-70, 72-74, 76-81, 83-94; 110, 112, 113, & 116)
Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child: A Practical A-To-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Infants and Children by Janet Zand et al., (2003)
Smart Medicine for Healthier Living : Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Adults by Janet Zand et al., (1999)
Nursing Mother, Working Mother: The Essential Guide for Breastfeeding and Staying Close to Your Baby After You Return to Work by Gale Pryor (1997)
Baby Matters, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby by Linda F. Palmer, Janice Phelps (Editor), Dr. Linda F. Palmer (2001)
Superimmunity for Kids by Leo, M.D. Galland, Dian Dincin Buchman, Leo Galland M.D. (1989)
A Teeny Tiny Baby by Amy Schwartz (1994)
Any books FOR YOUNG CHILDREN that have themes/images promoting BFing, APing, etc.
Subscription to Fortune magazine (I read Mothering DH reads Fortune….what can you do?)


Oasis-What's the Story Morning Glory CD
Garbage-their first album with the song stupid girl CD
The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds Sessions box set CD
Terminator special edition DVD
Beauty and the Beast-special edition DVD
Superman the movie-special edition DVD
Abbott and Costello-Buck Privates and Buck Privates come home DVD


Creative Memories personal trimmer and/or corner rounder
Calculator: TI-81 or TI-83. Well used is fine, but must function reliably (and help my DH pass his math classes!)
Any products from Lush - never tried any, and they look kinda cool.
BLACK Playtex Expectant Moments Nursing Bra style #4426 size 36D
Waffle cone iron and one of those cone-shaped molds to shape the cones around
Panini Grill Iron thing
screw-top lids from the free Similac 2-oz liquid formula bottles you get in that freebee take-home bag from the hospital. I don't need the bottles or their contents, just the LIDS.
OXO Good Grips covered ice cube trays (2-3)

Gift Cards/Cerificates:

Target, Sams/Walmart, Michael's Crafts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, The Body Shop, Babies R Us, Best Buy

As always, I'll edit to add more as I think of things.....

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Bradenboy: I'll PM you.

Mamatoto2: Great Question. That is exactly what I was thinking in making Saturday the day to POST the matched-up swaps. It is my intention to get that list up ASAP.

Jeca: Another great quesiton. I really wrestled with which weekend to pick. The weekend of September 26th/27th is actually better for me. If people do not think it is rushing things too much, then I am happy to change the dates but I really should do it relatively soon so as not to confuse things further.


[email protected] "Change the swap dates?"

Okay, it's late and I am tired. I hosted a Blessingway for a friend of mine tonight. It was really wonderful but I am beat..


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~diapering/diapers for dd (prefer girly, but gn prints are fine) size large to fit her pudgy lil rolls, lol weights approx 18 lbs and up. no holes. slight staining on inside is okay.

* fitteds
* aios ( i love the bbh that we have with the snap-in inserts )

^note- the aio's are for when we a re out and about, so the cuter, the better, i have already turned a few people onto cloth diapers by having really cute ones that are just as easy as sposies


*medela "white membranes" (attaches to the little yellow plastic piece on the bottom of the shield)

* snap-in sealing discs for the avent lids

*picture frames

*batteries aa or c size

- gift cards to:
* walmart
* lowes
* home depot

~movies (vhs or dvd)(please check first as we already have several of each )

* wiggles
* veggietales
* disney movies


*"The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults" by Randall Neustaedter

*"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" by Stephanie Cave****

*Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide" by Aviva Jill Romm****

*Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective by Neil Z. ******

*homeschooling materials for preschool/kindergarten/ up to first grade level. prefer "christian" perspective when possible.

*a gloworm with battery pack etc. must work.
* bf advocacy shirt sz 4 (4t)
*psalty items (books, cd, tapes, vhs or dvd)

~ dd
*bf advocacy clothing. sz 12mos, 18 mos, or even 24 mos (2t)

bf advocacy t shirt sz xxl
jeans 42x32

*sz 44 j bras- no underwire!!!(nursing would be great, but not required.)
*gc to motherwear
*motherwear dresses sz 2x
*sz 2x bf advocacy t shirt

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organic cotton yarn
organic cotton fabric,trim,thread
wood crochet hooks
Earthlings organic clothing all sizes & genders
kids book from the magic elements quartet "earth magic"
Harry Potter teacher's guide
sewing lesson from a local to san diego mama
organic cotton sherpa prefolds
Large Aristocrat wool cover in EC
little girl's long patchy skirt size 7
brown or patchwork diaper stacker
pretty mandalas
lotus painting or print
artwork with asian/polynesian fairies
handthrown bowls,cups - prefer browns &yellows
Blue Canoe clothing XL melon or clay
brown hemp skirt 2x
jewelry made form natural materials, prefer browns, golden yellows, amber, hammered copper,etc...
organic cotton towels
organic cotton disposable pads for my dd, organic washable for me, would LOVE colorgrown brown!
organic bodycare items
brown table runner (cotton,hemp or linen)
we moon daily planner
blessed bee subscription
hammered copper kitchen stuff
Rainbow Light prenatals
Folic Acid
baby aspirin
Lovelight Aromatics Olivia face cream
Wise Ways Mellow Menses tea
Spectrum 4th grade math & reading books
soy candles
cotton playcloths
waldorf toys
size 5 wide soft star shoes
nature table figures
homemade stuff that is good quality - natural materials,etc

will add more later, nak very fussy baby
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