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1. Please have FUN and make really great packages for each other. The swap value is $20 and shipping is extra.

2. Please send your package(s) by delivery confirmation. YOu can let each other know their numbers if you like. This way there will not be any lost packages.

3. Please mail out your packages as soon as you can and by Wednesday, October 15th. It would be helpful if you let your swap partner(s) know when and how you mailed it so they can have an idea of when to expect it.

4. I really hope you get some GREAT swaps. I've enjoyed thinking about each of you all week as I have coordinated the swap.

Peace and let's get-a-swappin',

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I think this is the link for the OCTOBER SWAP ISO list THREAD:

Let me know if it is not.


ANNR33 (page 2)
TO: corrie43, jeca, hotmamacita
FR: mom2katie, mcmrymoom, hotmamacita

AUSTIN'S MOM (page 3)
TO: latenightnan, ohmel
FR: latenightnan, ohmel

BENSMOM (page 2)
TO: mom2katie, bradenboy
FR: mcmrymoom, jeca

BIGBELLY03 (page 1)
TO: majicmama
FR: ohmel

BRADENBOY (page 1)
TO: heytootsy, hotmamacita
FR: bensmom, shanetedissac

TO: mamatoto2, shanetedissac
FR: corrie43, majicmama

CORRIE43 (page2)
TO: busybusymomma, mom2tig99nroo03
FR: annr33,heytootsy

CORTLONG (page 3)
TO: latenightnan, hotmamacita, jeca, jodiM
FR: elfmum, hotmamacita, jeca, mamatoto2

TO: mum2tori
FR: mum2tori

ELFMUM (page 1)
TO: cortlong, mom2kay
FR: mum2tori, starfairy

HEYTOOTSY (page 3)
TO: corrie43, mcmrymoon
FR: latenightnan, bradenboy

TO: annr33, cortlong, raihana (x2),seraph, wendy
FR: annr33, bradenboy, cortlong, majicmama, seraph, wendy

JECA (page 1)
TO: bensmom, cortlong, raihana, seraph
FR: annr33, cortlong, jodiM, seraph

JODIM (page 1)
TO: latenightnan, jeca
FR: cortlong, mom2tig99nroo03

TO: austinsmom, heytootsy, mom2katie, mcmrymoon
FR: austinsmom, cortlong, jodim, mom2katie

MAJICMAMA (page 2)
TO: busybusymomma, hotmamacita, rachelle-a-tron
FR: bigbelly03, raihana, rachelle-a-tron

MAMATOTO2 (page 1)
TO; cortlong
FR: busybusymomma

MOM2KATIE (page 3)
TO: annr33, latenightnan, seraph
FR: bensmom, latenightnan, wendylouwho

MOM2TIG99NROO03 (page 1)
TO: jodiM
FR: corrie43

MOMTOKAY (page 2)
TO: mum2tori
FR: elfmum

MCMRYMOON (page 3)
TO: annr33, bensmom, starfairy
FR: heytootsy, latenightnan, seraph

MUM2TORI (page 3)
TO: countrymom, elfmum, ohmel
FR: countrymom, mom2kay, raihana

OHMEL (page 1)
TO: austinsmom, bigbelly03
FR: austinsmom, mum2tori

TO: majicmama, wendylouwho
FR: majicmama, raihana

RAIHANA (page 3)
TO: majicmama, mum2tori, rachelle-a-tron
FR: hotmamacita (x2), jeca

SERAPH (page 2)
TO: hotmamacita, jeca, mcmrymoon
FR: hotmamacita, jeca, mom2katie

TO: bradenboy
FR: busybusymomma

STARFAIRY (page 1)
TO: elfmum
FR: mcmrymoon

TO: hotmamacita, mom2katie
FR: hotmamacita, rachelle-a-tron

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Thank you!

You've worked hard, you hotmamacita, you

Go have a cup of tea and relax!

I hope to have my packages out by Firday the 17th...I'm aiming for the 15th but experience has shown it generally takes me longer
: But don't fret, mom2katie and hotmamacita...I send priority

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Hmmm, I am sipping my tea.

Hey BIG, I really appreciate your encouragement especially since I couldn't your other choice work. I tried to make it work several times.

How are things going by the way? We love the scorpion!!!!


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That's okay, I will work out a swap with rachelle-a-tron off the list
I already PM'ed her about it. And I know you tried to give me more must be difficult to match up at least one swap for everyone.
I am so happy you love the scorpion, it's really quite realistic for a toy!
All is well here at the moment, but I am finding bedrest is anything but restful KWIM?
BTW, do you have any more of those Sandys or have they all been sent out?

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I will pack up my packages right now if the kids will let me. I'm waiting for dh to get out of bed so I can take a shower (house under construction have to use a shower in the unfinished basement
: ).

If I can, I'll get them shipped today but realistically it will probably be Monday. I have so much fun doing these swaps!

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Mine are all ready to go. I'm going to ship two of them today, and I'm waiting on the address for the third.
Yay! What fun!
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