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Hello Mamma's!

Do any of you have any ideas for makeahead baby food?

I dont think with this one buying baby food is an option - Id much rather buy produce for my family. I did the math -a jar of earths best for 89 cents or a serving for veggies that cost the same. Hmmmm


Im a teacher - so Im off for Xmas. Any ideas on simple things I can make for my little one?

I have ice cube trays, blender, food processer, and can get basic grocery staples. Money is tight but I want her and US to eat well.

Right now - I have been grabbing a handful of frozen peas, putting them in the nuker for 4 minutes and then the food mill - its working well but Id rather cook ahead.

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I have more time now.

oatmeal - 1 part steel cut oats, 3 parts water, bring to a boil, then simmer until tender. add in any combo of frozen or fresh fruit, cinnamon, vanilla extract, nutmeg etc.

sweet potato, pumpkin, green beans, peaches, white potato, beets, apple, pear, carrots, rutabega etc. peel, deseed, dice and steam or roast until tender. You can leave it diced or run it through the mill or food processor. Some foods may require addition of water or bm. If using water, I use fresh instead of what is left over in the pan. Some may have nitrates in it and I can't keep it straight, so I just do fresh each time.

Lentils or other beans cooked well, my babies enjoy them w/ applesauce and carrots if not served as finger foods. If we are having chickpeas at dinner, I reserve some and quarter them.

I serve banana and avocado raw and freeze or refrigerate (if I don't eat it myself)

Check your local library for baby and toddler food cookbooks. I am just getting ready to start my children on meats and will be mixing it with other foods and serving as finger foods.

I buy organic frozen mango, blueberry, peas, cherries, thaw them and serve with some whole milk yogurt/cottage cheese or finger food. Frozen peaches are nothing compared to fresh, imo.

We just started egg yolks - research to see what age this is appropriate and careful if you have family history of allergies.

Another method of freezing is to put parchment or freezer paper on cookie sheet or other tray then spoon some globs of food (just like you were making cookies), another layer of paper, repeat. We were freezing in ziploc and plastic trays but to get away from plastic are now using ball jars. The ones we bought are freezer safe provided you save room for expansion. I freeze about two portions in each - so often they are eating the same thing several meals in a row.
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