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Oh, BTW, I'm Jilly. HI!

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Thought I should intro myself since I have just jump right in and started posting, lol.
I am Jilly. I have two intact sons, 20 months and 3 months.
I live in Mississippi. I'm a SAHM.
ummmm....what else to tell you.....

Anyway, just wanted to say hi..... HI!
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Welcome! I'm mom to 2 sons also, but mine are 11 years apart!! Are your little ones both still nursing or just the younger ds?
We love nursing too, you know you came to the right place!
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No, unfortunately, Lance is no longer nursing. I had a lot of difficulties nursing him, and gave up WAY too soon. I quit at about 2-3 months.
I am a lot better informed this time though, and it's going GREAT!
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