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Oh Ergo how I love thee

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DD1 LIVED in a sling or a pouch from 2-10 months. Then I got too pregnant to carry her and, well, she seemed to be okay with it.

DD2, now 4 months old, hates being in the sling (hated being swaddled too which I think is related). We've been trying since she was 3 weeks old. She's not as high-needs as DD1 but I was still disappointed b/c I was really counting on being able to wear her.

And then, from reading posts in this forum, I decided to give the Ergo a try! She LOOOOVES it! She naps in it, she hangs out in it, she sucks on the straps, she is so content in it

This week we're going to start working on getting her into the back carry but I'm already in love.

Thanks for this forum!!!!!
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DS loves his Ergo too! Geez, what would we do without it! I have "sold" so many of them to other moms that the website I got mine from should be giving me a commission! :LOL DS likes to suck and chew on the straps too. It keeps him from pulling my hair.
Me too! I got mine last week and I love it!! Ds loves it too - especially on my back. Kitten, I wish I were working on commission too - I've given the details to so many people already when we're out and about.
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Sprogly liked anything I carried him in (except the Bjorn)...but I love love loved my Ergo. It was the only carrier that didn't hurt my back. Sadly, it was inadvertently left behind when I moved out of Brooklyn last winter.

It hadn't been used as much, since he was getting too big to carry in front, and I hadn't yet mastered getting him on my back. But it was indispensable from about 4 months to 11 months, when I finally had to get a stroller. I miss it.
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