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Carter woke up just before 1:00 this morning. For good. I'm trying to be grateful that he slept four hours before he woke up because he has on occasion just never fallen asleep at all, but I'm waaay too tired for gratitude.

Oh, goodie. Just as I was finishing this post, the school called to complain about Carter's wild behavior and wanting to know if I forgot his meds this morning. Now, I might have some sympathy for them, but given the number of times they've complained to me about his "excessive" absences, and the fact that they basically told me they didn't believe that he was actually sick that often (requiring me to jump through all kinds of hoops, getting letters from all his doctors), I'm not sorry for them at all. In the past, I would have kept him home because after a night of no/very little sleep, he's basically non-functional (not to mention really disruptive) because his impulse control is zero, but not anymore. He has to go to school or I risk truancy court.

How many hours till bedtime?
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