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i could scream with glee!!!
my dh( bless him) really tries to understand wool, he tries.... well apparently poop( the really gross kin) got on a woolie... and instead of telling me, he folded it up and stuck it in the wool basket, as if the poop was going to just disappear and i coudl continue to use the cover, well i reach for that cover today and MUCH to my dismay and staing at poop!!!!!!
i though, oh lordy, this is a light cover, this stain and crust is NEVER going to come out.
well i washed it with a wool wash bar... aand soaped it up good. well to my extreme pleasure the poop came out WITH THE FIRST WASH!!!!! sudzndudz wool wash bars ROCK! oh my gosh. it was a scary day there for a little bit. whew... okay, just had to let that out!
now back to regular scheduled posting!
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