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Oh, man! I am drooling over these wool/batik sets!!

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*drool* Pairing wool shorts with batik tees is such a great idea!! Those colors are amazing!!!

If we knew that we were definately having a girl, I'd be *all* over the set with the birdie on the shirt.

I'd love to see a set in greens and browns with some sort of trees on them!
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Yep, I love the mom set
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I love the monkey set! The shirt's too small for us, though.
Hee hee, I love the monster booty

I like the fairy set a lot.
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holy cow, i LOVE those sets! all of them! this is trouble.
The Mama who does the batik is happy to do custom orders. Her website is

I need a wee babe to put in one of those sets!!!
Lovin that moon fairy set! Not so sure about Peace Fleece though.
Those batiks are adorable! That is somethin' new and different!
Not sure about Peace Fleece? Care to elaborate, I am curious!!

I am drooling over the batik children's clothing (and Mama stuff) at CPC!
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