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Dr. Betty Lowe has a column in the Benton County Daily Record where she dispenses 'health information.' Today's article is about weaning...her basic comments are that the benefits of breastfeeding are only for the first 3 - 4 months and that " should be weaned and transition to a cup and solids..." shortly after 1 year of age!!!!

Here's a link to the article:

and here's her email...

[email protected] org

there's a link from that url to post your own letter, if you like...

here's my letter...

I'm shocked and amazed that Dr. Lowe is giving
breastfeeding advice that does not agree with
what the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)
recommends. Most importantly, the AAP's
statement regarding human milk DOES NOT state
that children should be breastfed for only one
year. I am quoting from the policy statement,
Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk, from the
journal Pediatrics: "It is recommended that
breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months,
and thereafter for as long as mutually desired."
Note especially the last part of that statement in
comparison with Dr. Lowe's intimation that
nursing beyond one year is not good for babies.

Furthermore, for Dr. Lowe to say that weaning
at one year is desirable for emotional reaons is
flat out false. Can she provide references for
that advice? Of course she cannot. The World
Health Organization and UNICEF both recommend
that babies be breastfed for at least two years,
the AAP for at least one year--and none of these
respected authorities on children's health imply
that any harm will come from nursing longer.

The truth is that breastfeeding provides a "dose"
effect--the longer a baby is breastfed, the
better he or she has fared on every physical,
emotional, and cognitive test thus far given to
determine breastfeeding's effects. Three months
is better than nothing, but a year is better, and
those children who were breastfed for two years
did best of all in the cumulative research of
more than thirty years.

It is negligent and unethical for Dr. Lowe to
give such advice to parents. I sincerely hope
that others under her supervision at Children's
Hospital know better than to give such misleading
and irresponsible breastfeeding information, and
I hope her superiors are advised how blatantly
incorrect this column is.

For mothers reading this letter who need
competent advice regarding breastfeeding, I
suggest you contact your local La Leche League
leader--a fellow mother who has breastfed her own
children and who has been accredited to give
advice and support that actually IS in line with
the AAP's guidelines and with current research on
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