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It is 4:20 in the morning and I've been up for the last three or so hours. I am about 21 weeks pregnant and my lower to middle back has been hurting every other night for the past 7-10 days. Last weekend my dh bought me a pregnancy pillow (Snoogle). It has helped for the past few nights, but not tonight. It is so bad that I even took a couple of Tylenol (which is not like me at all)! So, I need your help. Because my job requires a lot of sitting, I am thinking about getting a lumbar support. Other than that, I have run out of ideas as to what to do. Any help will be appreciated!!!!
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Have you considered or can you afford massage and chiropractic care? My back and hips bothered me from about mid-pregnancy on and I found both of these to be very helpful. I got adjusted once a week and got a massage at the local massage school once every other week. I don't know if these are an option for you, just thought I'd throw them out there.
i know sitting at a desk makes it worse. sitting tailor style (we called it indian style in kindergarden) when you are home will help. squat to pick things up instead of bending over. pelvic tilts and a few yoga moves help me. if you can walk a little every day it will help too.

sorry. i'm right there with ya. ouch!
for me, yoga helped soooo much with this sort of thing in my last pregnancy, and again with this one. in my first pregnancy took an excellent prenatal yoga class (twice a week, i believe) where i learned good poses to help relieve back and leg pain, and then at night i would stretch/do yoga poses for maybe five or ten minutes tops and it practically took away all the nighttime back and leg pain i'd been experiencing. often i felt so tired and didn't feel like doing my nighttime stretches, but i almost always did anyway because if i didn't i couldn't sleep nearly as well.
Squatting, tailor sits, pelvic rocking, chiropractic care. This last one is a particular godsend. This pregnancy, unlike the last, after going weekly for the last 6 weeks, I have no back pain or sciatica, *and* and an anterior baby!!

Be careful to take care of this - it could indicate weak abdominal muscles, which will further stress your lower back - or a propensity to carry posterior as something down there is out of alignment. Many chiro's will work with you on payment.
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Chiropractic care is an absoulte must, not just for pain reduction but for general health. I see mine twice a week when I'm NOT pregnant, when I am pregnant my back gets so bad there are times every day when I have quite a bit of trouble walking.
Is there any way you could trade in your office chair for a birth ball? That has been an incredible help to me. You can also then take the oportunity to roll around on it in circular motions, and front to back and side to side, throughout the day which will help to strngthen your ab muscles and get the baby into a good position.
I had a similar problem with pregnancy #2, I had to do alot of driving so I was sitting a lot. Shiatsu helped me tremendously as well as regular visits to my chiropractor. Alot of insurances pay for chiropractic and if you have an FSA plan it might even cover medicinal massage, especially if there is someone in your chiropractor's office.

In peace,
I also agree that yoga is very helpful. Pelvic rocks and cat stretches are especially nice. You might also like to try stretching from side to side while on hands and knees, as if you were a dog trying to chase its tail.

Have you tried warm moist compresses against your back? You can use a sock filled with rice and microwaved for a second or two. You can also buy stuffed animals stuffed with flax seed and essential oils that serve the same purpose, and they smell nice and soothing.
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