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Oh my!!! AKA the prettiest set I have ever seen!

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That is GORGEOUS!!! One lucky babe will have be dressed to kill!
Amazing work those mamas do!!!!
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Wow that is beautiful! I am sure it will go for a nice price too.
I saw this before bed last night and actually DREAMED about it! It is so yummily delicious . . .
okay, now everybody forget all about it so i can win it!
just kidding! i hope lots of people bid on it and that it goes for a huuuuuuge price so i don't have to keep wondering if i should have sprung for it.
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I was lovin that one up too!
What a stunning set!
That is the most beautiful fluff I have ever seen! It is absolutely perfect in every way for Sarah. I have seriously been thinking of ways to justify spending up the credit card.
So many things/temptations, so little money, lol!
Holy cow that's gorgeous! I'm new to CDing but this world of wool.... Hmmmm... I want to try it too!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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