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So my little man has had diahrrea for the past 2 days for some reason - teething, I think - and he's been going thru the diapers. I ran out of fitteds, aios and FBs yesterday and was down to prefolds that really only ever get used as burp cloths or occasional emergency diapers. I decided to try out the "jelly roll" (isn't that what it's called?) because I was worried about leaking poo. I rolled each side in starting near the booty and rolled as far in as it would go and then folded the top half in and snappied it all. I wish I'd taken a pic! It made such a pretty trim little diaper and with a bummis cover, it even fit under his jeans!
It didn't sag at the booty at all and the little gussets it made looked so purty! I suddenly feel the need to buy more prefolds! Hee! :LOL
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