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Oh My Gosh The Smell!

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Ok, I owe you all a great big apology because I thought ya'll were a little
and over reacting to the "smell" of disposable diapers. We use sposies on all the kids until Chloe came along and I never noticed anything, unless they were dirty of course.
But I am babysitting my nephew this week and he is disposable diapered, and THE SMELL IS HORRIBLE!!!
:puke It's this terrible, sickening sweet, plasticky smell.

I am soooooo sorry I ever doubted you all!
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Isn't it gross?? I used to think everyone was overeacting also. I mean diapers get peed and poo'd in of course they stink.

Then I switched to cloth and I was shocked, there is no stink! I used to be able to smell a poop in a sposie 4 rooms away because of that funky chemical smell, now I don't smell it at all unless I open the diaper or she is sitting in my lap when she does it. And pee I don't smell either unless the diapers need a strip and they have that ammonia smell but it's better than that flower covered urine stink of sposies

I am using the same diaper pail for my cds that I did for sposies and I can actually keep it in the house and not smell it. When I used it for sposies I used to put it out in the garage because it still stunk even when it was closed tightly and I was using a deo disk, I don't even need one now!
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I agree ... it's pretty nasty after not being around it for a while. Ds#1 was in sposies and we didn't think much of it. Now, though, with ds#2 in cd's, I can't stand the smell of them. When I work nursery at church I have to hold my breath when I go anywhere near the "diaper genie" thing. :puke
Well, and it's not just the dirty ones that reek! Even the clean ones stink to high heaven!
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Nasty... isn't it??? I too didn't realize just how bad they smelled (I used them till she was 5 months old) until I used them last week while on a trip.

I hate the artificial-baby-powder-smell of packages of pampers. Going down the diaper aisle in a store is torture. I hated it so bad until I got a package of huggies at my shower. They knocked me down with the smell. Pampers smell the work IN the package. Huggies smell the worst OUT of the package JMO
ITA with all of you. I was out strawberry picking with DP and DS and it was hot and humid and I could smell this little girls dirty diaper from 15 feet away. DP and I were looking around trying to figure out what that rancid small was. I love that CD's don't smell at all!! I can't be near sposies now.
It is nasty! I never realized there was a smell until after a year or so of cd'ing I could smell it walking past the diaper isle of the grocery store.
Close to the end of my first pregnancy I dutifully went and bought a package of newborn Pampers. My teeny apartment immediately had that chemi-powdery funk; but I quickly got used to it. (Except for maybe the poopy sposies. Blech!) Now with our 2nd in cloth (and our sometimes diapered/sometimes pottying first) I can't even go near them. I was visiting my SIL this past weekend and she had a huge piles of sposies everywhere. The smell was so awful, and it was made even worse by the open topped pail of dirty sposies. I wanted to vomit; and she can't smell it! Ignorance is bliss? No, ignorance is stinky!
I thought I was going crazy when I was watching my father's daughter. Those thinks stunk like crazy. I thought it was something wrong with her
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ignorance is stinky!

:LOL oh my gosh that's just crying out for a ddddc! :LOL
I have to second the apology....

I too thought the disposable smell was a figment of some cloth diapering mama's imagination......shame on me.

We've only been using CD's for about 6 weeks now and there's SUCH a difference in the house overall when we walk in the door! Not to mention the lack of smell when either girl poops - at least until I take the diaper off, but at least then, I can flush most of it right away!

So I bow down before the CD queens - you were right, I was wrong!
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