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OH NO!!! Could we have another breech baby??? HELP! ****UPDATE****

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OK- I know I'm freaking out, BUT... I felt my babies hiccups at the VERY top center of my tummy about 5 min. ago. The hiccups were near the hard lump that I thought was the bottom. There is also a hard lump (foot?) moving around on the upper left side of my tummy.

I am concerned b/c I usually feel hiccups lower and today they couldn't have been higher.

Anyone have any experience with hiccups this high and baby still being head down?

I am so scared. I don't want ANOTHER c-section!

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Personally, I don't think the hiccups are a good indicator of the baby's position. I feel twitchy, hiccup-y movements in really weird places, too, and I know the baby is head down. Can you feel down low at your pubic bone when you are laying down and see if you can feel the round head? That's the only part of my baby that I can reliably feel (everything else just feels like lumps
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My babe is head down and I feel hiccups up high,
: your little one is
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I feel hiccups all over, and (as far as I know! haven't been to the Ob in a week) my baby is vertex.

As I reminded dh, when babies are very small (and obviously this would apply in utero too) hiccups are really a "full-body" experience.

Hope your babe is in the right place!
I'm worrying about this too. I feel all the hiccups down low, about 4-5 inches below my bellybutton. I am so convinced it should be head down, but the midwife thinks it may be breech. She thinks that what I think is the head could* be a bum instead. I really hope not. She wants to do an ultrasound to find out for sure( I don't want any ultrasounds!)
Puzzeling. The only thing I REALLY agreed with my midwife on is that there is no way to be SURE besides ultrasound. And even then, a stubborn babe could turn five minutes after the machine is turned off.(either to up or down!)
Here's my best advice.

Lie down on your bed and try to relax.

Put your hands firmly on your belly near your pubic bone. What do you feel? Do you feel a hard round lump? That's good if you do.

If you feel a hard round lump, put one hand on each side of it and try to "wiggle" it back and forth. If it "bobbles" easily, that is the head. Congratulations! Your baby is vertex!

If you do not feel it right at your pubic bone, try slightly higher. Sometimes babies will be head down, but still "floating" and not engaged in the pelvis.

I have been OBSESSIVELY checking this baby's position through the last few weeks. Seriously, I do it at least 3 times per day. I have gotten VERY good at telling where the head is. I also have felt hiccups up high. At first I panicked a little bit like you did, but nope, when I checked the head was down. It was high and floating, not engaged in my pelvis, but still in the general area it should be. I think over the past few days the head has gotten a bit lower, and I felt hiccups in my butt (sorry if TMI!) the other day.

I just have to laugh... the *only* way to be SURE of a baby's position is ultrasound? OOOOkkayyy. I can tell you exactly what position my baby is in, and an experienced midwife can do the same with her hands. An inexperienced person might need ultrasound, but really it's not THAT hard to learn the difference in how a butt feels and how a head feels.

BTW, a few weeks ago at my appt, my midwife was feeling for baby's position. At that time the head was up, and in my left ribcage. She was feeling down low, and I indicated where the head was and said "Try here."
She felt, and agreed that indeed felt like the head. She then opted to do a very quick swipe with the U/S machine to "confirm" and amazingly the head was EXACTLY where I had said it was. I am my baby's mother, and it IS possible for me to know what is going on inside my body. After being pregnant 6 times, I would hope I have SOME clue. :p

Last week I had the very sweet but very green student midwife do my exam. She was so cute. She felt around on my belly, then put the doppler on my lower right side. Nothing. She wiggled it around... still nothing. I finally took pity on her and asked her to try another spot. As soon as the doppler hit my skin BAM, heartbeat. Without using any ultrasound imaging.

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How do I tell the difference between the head and bottom of the baby. I have a good size "lump" in the top-middle of my belly. If I find a "lump" at the bottom, how do I know the difference between the head and butt of the baby?
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Well, as I said, the head "bobbles" easily. The butt tends to be slightly more squishy than the head, since the head is bone (skull) and the butt is bone and muscle and fat. The butt also should have legs coming off it on one side, where the head will be perfectly round all the way.

It does take some practice figuring it all out, but once you find the head it's usually pretty clear that's what it is!

Well- the lump on top seems to bobble around when I move it as if it is flowing through the fluid. Also it seems to move away from my hands when I try to grasp it a move it. I don't think the butt can do that? I can't really feel anything at the bottom of my belly. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I am so nervous! Oh- also- (I don't know if this has anything to do with it) my cervix and way up in my rectum feels crampy sharp. Not normally what I've been feeling when I stand up from a chair. But, maybe that's just because his head is engaging??

THanks for all your help.
oh, god honey. that's totally how i knew mine was breech. HUGE HUGS hoping its not true! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
I had a ultrasound today and the baby is HEAD DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so grateful and feel like the weight of the world is off of my shoulders!!

Thanks for your support everyone!
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