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Oh no! is this AF?

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My DD is 4 1/2 months and is EBF (we did have to supplement a little bit about a month ago, but now my supply is back up and so we're back to the boob fest). I work, but I pump 3 times/day and then feed her at least 3 times during the night and ususally 2-4 other times during the morning/evening. Today I have very light bleeding (well, it just started, but it's enough to stain my underwear, sorry for TMI). How is this possible? And will my supply change at all if it is, in fact, AF?
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I came here looking for the same answers. My five month old is EBF. We co-sleep and nurse around the clock. No doubt that AF is back (and it came on very quickly while we were at the zoo
) I was wondering about my milk supply since it had seemed lower for the past few weeks. Does anyone have an experience with this?
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dd is 8.5 months now. AF arrived in mid january right before her 6 month bd. I was surprised that it came back so soon, dd nursed around the clock. She's been EBF up until the last few weeks. My supply didn't change much, if it did, I didn't notice and perhaps dd just nursed a bit more often. I will tell you that once I started getting periods again, they came every week and a half for a while, then slowed down. It was pretty crazy, I kept forgetting about it and then it would come right back. So be prepared for a whacked out schedule there for a while.
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Yasmeen is just over 2 months old now, and I got AF when she was 2 months to-the-day. She is EBF also, as were all of my daughters. Normally I didn't get AF for a year or so, but this time I got it so soon??? My supply seems to be more than adequate; her weight gain was great. I'm hoping AF stays away for a while now...maybe that was a fluke.

AF did not affect my supply, so it shouldn't affect yours either. The only thing I noticed was that my breasts were a little more sensitive while I had AF.
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Thanks for the info. I found out today that my mom thinks that early AF is genetic. It happened to her, and her mother always complained her early cycle. My grandma ended up with five kids all 13-15 months apart, so I better be careful!
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