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I got fabric today which I did not even have to purchase bc I took MIL with so I could get an extra 15% off and she got it all as part of my Christmas gift and now my Mom just has to make it. I had been looking for a cute maternity skirt with no luck for my Aunt's wedding in April next yr (I know early but Mom is few states away and could take awhile for her to do ~ seeing her next month though) and just could not find anything I liked and remembered a thread on TBW (along with I liked Lise's skirts). So hopefully I will have a reversable maternity skirt from these:

The fabrics I 1st selected yesterday and put on hold for today

Close ups (colors are somewhat off)
The fabric that started it all (was wishing for more red or pink and I got a purple)

My fav color is green, DH's is purple, red & pinks tend to look good on me depending on tone, then the cream just went with it and the waistband is the only color that matched as my other choices were bright white and grey.

Side 2

Close Ups
Waist band comes from the 1st side so it had to match
This is really off in color as it is too bright in this pic

So what do you think? Looking more and more at it I am thinking that I will need to add the border to the 1st side though I like the look of Lise's skirts (see links to threads with pics of what I am trying to make).

Thanks, LM
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